NO CONDITION IS  PERMANENT     

Time  Changes  every day in human  life, sometimes it is  Positive,  a times also  it  is  Negative, but  all  must be  considered  as  part  of  Human  live  since  we  are  still  living in  this  land  of  the  living,

Are you a refugee, Widow,  an Alpha n  or a  Sicker that it appears you  are not  counted among  Societies?  You  have  found  yourself in the  wilderness  of live and  it  appears  you  have  lost everything  in life? You  are struggling in  your Education as  an  Orphan  or  Deprived  Children?

Are you an  Isolated   Family  that  thinking, there  is nothing good  that  can  come out  from  your  Family? I have  got  good  news  for  you  this  Morning, that  No Condition  in this  life  is  Permanent! 

Family Story

I  can remember  in 2015  in our  Mission  trip  to  South  Africa, One  of the Local Volunteers told  me  that a certain white lady has committed suicide  right in her hall as  a  result  of  loosen hope  in life.

The  woman lost    her husband,  she lost her  job,  her only  one  daughter  was  not  working  for   no  job to  be  found. Therefore  they   cannot  pay  for  their rent, a times food to  eat   was    hard.

One  day  when  the  daughter  came  home from town  with her Fiance whiles  she  was  looking for  Job, she  found  her  mother hanged  herself  at  the  right top  Corner  of their  hall.

The  woman killed herself  as  a  result  of  Poverty.

The  daughter also lost hope  in  life,  wanted  to  kill  herself as  well, but  God  been  so  good  through our  counseling and  the little  support that  we  provided,  the  daughter of  the late  woman  is  working  at the  moment.   The Condition of  the  daughter  has  Changed  to  the  Glory  of  God

In  our  door to door Outreach  programs in  our  Catchment  areas both  in  Metropolitan  areas   remote areas ,  we have  come  across  many  Famines  who  are confronting  Similar  situations. You   may  probably  in the  same  Condition, we  would  love  to advice  you  that  do  not  kill  yourself for  that  condition  would  not be  permanent,  Positive Change  are on  the way!

Remember  your past and  Help  Families  in need

You may also once was in the  same  negative  Condition  but  positive  Change  has  come!

Remember  where  you were  and  how  far  God  of  all mankind  has  brought  you in  life  and  consider Families  who  are  mostly  in  need. The  one  you  would  help today  may  be  your Savior tomorrow  Join hands  with  us  and  let us  affect the  destinies of the Families  we  serve  together!!

Keep up  the  great work

We would  love  to encourage Religious Bodies, Individuals, Foundations , Organizations,  Companies  Institutions  that  providing  Technology, Human resources  and  Funding  to affect destinies should keep  up  the  great  work, for  you  are  saving lives!  You  may  also  going through  some  Situation because  of the good  you  are  doing. May   be  you  are  disappointed by  a  certain  Church,  group,  Institution and  Organization, but  do not  give up  helping  Societies through  other  Organization like  ours. 

We are ready to  leave  our Comfort Zone in  reaching  Poorest  Families  in  remote areas  for a  Positive  Change!

We  are  very  new up  coming  Nonprofit  Organization that  you  would  love  in sponsoring us.

Every good Mission has got its own Challenges and a times the  challenges come  in divers ways.


Like  as  Faith  Base   Nonprofit  Organization   that  Reaching  Families  who  are  Mostly  in  need

We  have  come  across  diversities  of  Problems  that  Some  of  the Families  face   in  their  lives,  that  have destroyed  many  Families  and  Homes.  Some  have  ended  up   in Jobless,  Lack of  Education, Drug  addiction ,   Smoking,   Homeless   and  some are  dead  by Sickness. diseases  and  accident 

Crooks  Churches

As Nonprofit  Organization  we  have  come  across  some  Churches   who  are  very crooks  when     we comes  to  Social  Change. Some  of  them  are using  these vulnerable  groups   running  Orphanages  as  a   business, raising Funds  for  themselves, building  big  Mons ions   for  themselves and  leaving these  Voluble  groups  astray. We are speaking  from  an  experience.  We  can  Mention some  names  of Churches  who  have   done  such things  to  our  Organization and  the  Families we  serve. They  do  not  care  about  what  will happened  to  these  Families!

All  that  they  care  are  Their  Families,  Big  Montions  big  Cars and  they  are very  pretenders!

How  ever  there  are  some  good Churches who  are  also  doing  well  when  we  comes  to  Social    responsibilities  and  even  they  are  also  facing  the  same  Challenges.

We have  an  Idea

We  have  developed  an  Idea that  can  bring a  Major help to  deal  with  some   of  an  Issues  that  Families face and these   leads  to  another  Challenges.

Our  Challenges   at  the  moment are  the   Human  resources  that  we   need that  can  bring  a  Major  help  to  deal  with  some of  an  Issues.  We  believe  that  within  these  Challenges  there  are  an  Audience  Out  there  who  may  love  to  engage  us   to deal  with  these  Issues  through  Our  Organization.

Force Pastors and Prophets 

Some of  the  force  pastors  and  prophets  are  preaching,  deceiving  these  Families  in our   Communities  that  it  is  their sins that  making  the  Families  Suffer.   Some  of  them  are  saying  it  is  Demons  that  make  them  suffer, but during the  counseling  with  the  Families we serve,  we  realized  that,  they  just  need some- one  or a  group  to  come  to  their  aid and  empower  them  with  Skills  and  Education  and that  can bring a  tremendous  Changes  in  an  Entire   homes that  can bring  Positive  effect in  our  dying  societies!

Our  Audience

We believe  that, we  have got  the same  like  minded  audience  out  there  that  would  love  to    connect  with  us  and  they  would  be  coming  into  their  numbers  to  support  such  a  good  course.

If  you  take  your  time  and  read  through  our  Website  pages  and  articles, you  would  find  more  images  and  videos  of  our  Past Events that  we   are  trying  to  reflect  the  past  and  make  a  Positive  Change.

All  that  we  need  at  the  moment are  Potential Volunteers  who  may  love  in  helping  such a  good  course and  we  love it!

Our Gifts for you

All  those  who  are  intend  to  help  with a  Genuine  heart,  the  followings  Gifts  are  Yours:

God  would  satisfy  you with  long  life, divine  health, divine  Security,  protection.

He  will  bring  the  same Potential   Minded  people in  your  life  who  have  got  the  solution  to  deal  with  such  issues  together  with  us!

All  the  pretenders and  enemies  will be put to Shame and   be  disappeared   from  your  life!!!

As you  are Sacrificing  your  time,  Ideas, strength, resources  Funding, traveling  afar abroad  to  affect  destinies  is   the heart   beat  of  God.  Remember  that  our  Services to  Mankind is  our  services  to  God.

Keep  up  the  great  work your  are  doing  for  Humanity!

We  curse  those  who  will  curse  you,  we  Pull  down  every  strong  hold  every  Imagination who  ens ult  itself  against  the  knowledge  of  God  concerning your  mission in  the  mighty  name  of   Jesus  Christ  of  Nazareth!!!!!!!

You  are  an  Object  of  Change!

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