Shared the word of God with Ghana ins & Refuges Families 

                              We inculcate in them the   message of  Hope  and  counseling.  It is  also  our                                                contribution to  the  moral  Fir bile  to  the  Society   


                                                    We Shared the  word of  God with  the Refugees  Families. in Ghana

                                               We Shared the word for God with the Families in Village communities.

                                                                       Our  Outreach  Team

                                                             Our  Previous   Event in  South  Africa

                               We   Shared  the  word of  God and  prayers  with the  Families  we  were helping

  We  reach  the  Families   with  the  word of  God, we found  out   in our Outreach Mission  that,  Most  of  the  Youth,  women   and  Children  who  ended  up  in  the  streets  are  lack  of  Skills, Education,  Job,  health  care and  Domestic violence.

Through  our  Outreach  Mission,  some  of them their situation   have   Changed  for  better! As you  sign up  for  our news letters  you  would  get more In formations.   

We took some of them through   counseling ,  we  also  took  some  of   them  to  Entrepreneur  Skills  Empowerment. Some  of  the  Families  lives  have  Changed  for  better

                                                         Do we  affiliated with  any   Church  or a  group?

No we are Separate  Entity  that  Reaching Families   who  are  Mostly  in  need. We  share the word of  God with them  and also  helping them  with  Basic necessity   they need  to survive.

Please If any  Church or  a group  tells  you  that  they  are  our main  Sponsor  Consider  that Church or  a group   as  a  crook.  We are saying this  because  of an  Internet  fraud.

The  Organization  is  being run by   Francis  Asomaning, his  team and  the support of  an  Individuals  Bakers.  

How ever we are  reaching  other  Organizations  who  may  love to  help with Volunteering

                                                                                Our  Base

The  Organization   based in Sapeiman,  Accra  The Organization seek  to partner  with  Other  Organizations, Companies  who  may  love  to  help  Social  Progress.

We  help them to Sing  an  Inspirational Song  that  would  inspire  them  to  love  God  and  worship  him:

All  the  above  Mentioned information's  relate to  our  Narrative  Report. It  is very  good  to let  Public   know our  Past  events.

In 2018  we  are  still  working  with  Families who  are  mostly  in need.

We inculcate  in them  the  message  of  hope  through  counseling

We do  not  convert  the  Families   we serve  to  any  Specific  Religious  believe  for  we believe  that the  person  must  make  his or  her   own  Choice,  we  share  the  word through counseling with  them  and  through   Biblical  Base.

In  our  Outreach  Mission  we  come  across  various  Issues  that  Families  face  which  is  why  we  are Supporting Families  entrepreneur  Skills  and  Education  empowerment.

We  have  got  Current  Photos  and  videos  who  will  show  you an  Evidence  of an  Existance   of  the  Organization  Operations  in our  Communities.

We  are looking  forwards  to  get Volunteers  or Partners  who  may love  to  Sponsor  Family  Entrepreneur Skills  and  Education  empowerment!

You  would  love  to  partner  with   us  or  to be our  Donor!

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