Unique Compassion Soul Wining Foundation.

Narrative (written) Report on the past   2,  year’s activities:

* Organization name:

Compassion   Soul  Winners  Outreach  International

*Non-profit Organization Registration Number:    CG046492018 

*The  24  Months - period this Report   covers:  Narrative  report    and  Financial  report  

*Contact persons (Two office bearers  nominated  by  the  Organization:

 Contact person  : Ibrahim  Abdale

Contact person’s title in  our  organization :    Finance     Manager

Cell phone number :  0556358101

Another contact person is :  Francis    Asomaning

Contact person’s title in  our  organization: Executive   Director   

Fax number :  0302264416

Cell phone number :  0547787384

1.5 Organization’s physical address:

Nsawam  Road ,   Opposite   Electoral  Commission  well  house 

Province :    Greater  Accra .

Postal code:  00233

1.6 Organization’s  postal address:

P.O. BOX KN 42 37,


Province :  Greater  Accra

Postal code:  00233

* Organization’s Office Bearers (Persons who hold positions of authority and

 responsibility within the Organization. These are the members of   our  Governing

 Board or Controlling Committee.

 The  rest  office bearers :

Contact  person :  God  Son:

Position:  Project  Manager.

Basic skills or services of the Organization: Broadly describe the service activities of the

Organization :

Poverty Alleviation & community development:

Unique Compassion  Soul  Winning  Foundation   Program  Materials:

There are concerted efforts being made by  Francis  Asomaning  the  (CEO)and  His   team of  six members  located in Ghana and their  Backers to Alleviate Poverty,  Lack of Skills,  Education  and health  care.  By providing classes on certain days of the week  for  the  Families in need. 

As well as providing them with the basic necessities they need to survive. There were  also a conference and the list of events that the group has participated in.

                                                     Our  Mission

                             Reaching the lost  and destitute with the word of God

                                                    Our  Operation Principles

During   Our  door  to  door  Evangelism,  which is  reaching  Families  from  door  to   door,  we   encounter  the  Following  Problems  that  Families  face,  trying  to  solve.:

Jobless, Lack  of   Skills,  Lack of Education,  Lack  of  health  care  and  they   have   ended  some  of them in  Poverty,  Crime,  Immorality, diseases,  Sicknesses  and  even,  into early death.

                                                                    Our Values

We respect  Human  dignity    and  working  with  them  with  Hum unity,  integrity,  accountability transparency  and trust!

Our  Believes, 

*We  believe  that  Jesus  Christ  died,  resurrected  access ended and  his  Second  Coming  for  all.  

*We  believe in  Generosity,   Focusing  in   helping  Families  who  are  mostly in  need.

                                                                    Narrative Report

Compassion Soul Winners Outreach International is a faith based organization. The organization started in Ghana  in 2008 and  registered  in  2009. The organization saw  the needs of the refugee families and some of the Ghanaian families located at Bujumbura refugees Camp   Accra   and  some  Village Communities  in  Ghana.

We got 50 refugee women and 80 refugees children who were  not  doing well  at  all  because of  lack   of health  care, food, education, and skills.

We started to inculcate in them the message of hope through  the  word  of  God.  we also started  feeding them once  in the  week. Even though we wanted to do it  everyday.

We developed an idea of organizing  Skills  Empowerment  programs  that can bring a lasting impact in their lives. 

 The idea is restoring the people and not providing unending maintenance to them.

We started reaching  Community  members   for their support.

We got  5 Backers  who  were Supporting the  Organization in  yearly  Basis.

Compassion Soul Winners Outreach International believes in the old proverb of teaching a man how to fish and not supplying him with fish. Those who receive help from Compassion Soul Winners Outreach  International on a temporary basis should be able to fend for themselves in the future.

 The idea is restoring the people and not providing unending maintenance to them.

                                             Some  of  our  previews  Subjects   at  defrend Locations

 we   divided  ourselves  two  two  and  were   reaching  Families in  both   Cities and   village Communities  with  the  good  news  of  our  Lord   Jesus  Christ.  

The  souls  won   were Kept  in  the   Church of their own   choices .   

We  were  also  reaching  Hospitals    in  Accra   and  Tema  Communities  with  the  word  of  God.


 We  believe  that  Education  and Skills,  plays  a  Major   role  in  human life. 

 As  we  visited  Tomefa village in the   Central  Region  of  Ghana,  we  saw  a  private  small   School  at  the  village, in  our  next  trip,  we   brought   the  Students,  some   literature  books,  Story  reading  books ,  exercise books,   some  cloths  and  some  shoes  to  those   who  were   in need. 

We are  at the moment Empowering  Family   Entrepreneur  Skills  that  would  help to  make a lasting impart in their lives.

Compassion Soul Winners Outreach International  is now  Connected  with Indiegogo  Online Generosity Crowdfunding  platform  where we  we  love to connect with   our  Audience   who  may love  to be  our  Backers  through  Indiwegogo or  through our  website,

We shall  be  launching  our Current Subject   Campaign with  indiegogo  platform and  on our  website  with  new  images,  videos  and  information's  about  our  Family Entreprenour Skills  Empowerment. 

Are  you  looking  for  Such  Project  to  sponsor?  then  you  are  at the  right  place,  you  would  love  to be  our  Backer.


Compassion Soul winners Outreach  International project in South Africa  started  from  February 5th         20 12  -  2 nd June 2015.

The organization  saw the  needs  of   some Families and Homeless  youth  in Kemp ton Park Community, South Africa.  We got   50   drug abuse, homeless kids who have got no home,  some also  have got  home but  yet  still   they ended  up on the street begging for  food.

There are some Families who are  not also doing well at all because of Jobless, poverty, lack of Skills and   lack of   Education.

By  the  help  of  Almighty  God,  Francis  Asomaning the  CEO, with   Compassion  Soul   Winners   International   team and  Backers,  we   started to inculcate   in them the message of hope  through the  word  of God,  on  every  Friday and Tuesday from March  2012 – 2 nd June 2015


 We developed  an idea  and organized Education program  for the  Homeless Kids which may help them out from drugs abuse and criminal activities.

 We also organized  Morning devotion,  feeding Scheme, given them breakfast  every morning after morning devotion. We  also distributed food  Parcels to the  Families in need on Every Friday and Tuesday, we've been feeding the Homeless kids,  giving them blanket  and     Clothing

                                                                                   Food Distributions 

                                                                We had a long term trip to South Africa for Mission:

We  were  reaching Homeless kids and Families in need with the  word of God from 3rd February   2nd June  2012 -  2015: We  were  reaching them with the  word  of  God  on every Tuesday and Friday, after that, we give them food and food parcels 

                                                                              Conference Event

On the 26 July 2014, we took 50 ladies to RW, Ladies Conference  On  2014,  27 August we took another   50  Ladies to JTFOXX Business conference. We took 50 women through counseling at CV Center at Kemp ton Park Community, the event took place on 28 August  2014

The Organization two representatives  attended Migrant & Vagrant workshop at Johannesburg, an Event  was Organized by Ekohuleni, on the day of 11th February 2015

On the 23 March 2015, we had a meeting with a Chief Social worker and  we were drafting  how we  can help  the  Homeless kids  out from the street and  also  to  help  the  Familiarizes in  need  to  acquire  skills  and  Education.  

                                                                           Skills  Empowerment

On the  9th  May, we  put one of   the  Homeless  Youth  and  some of  an Orphans from    poor  Homes in  a  learner ship program  to acquire  skills and    education.

As  you can see in  the Image a car of  the white lady developed problem  the white  lay  brought the  car  to  the  Shop and it is  the  Homeless Kid  who  fixed it for  her.   Is it  not an amazing?

Unfortunately  because of an Immigration trend, it has affected   the project  in  Kemp ton  Park  Community.

Unfortunately,  the team    who were  embarking   South  Africa   Project  and  were  in  the process  of  building  the  Organization  are   backed to  Ghana and  the   Project  in  South  Africa is stacked at the moment    due to   South  Africa   Immigration   Trend.

What is  that  Immigration trend?

In  2015   An   Immigration introduced a new  law that  if  we  are  an  Immigrant in  South  Africa  we  cannot extend your work permit  neither apply for  work permit  in  South   Africa.

We  Must come  back to  our native countries  to  extend  our  work  permit.

By this reason ,  all the  team members    are located  in  Ghana at the  Moment,  reflecting  to  the  past   for  the  Capacity  building  of the  Organization  in  Ghana, that  can  help  both    Ghana  and  South  Africa  Projects in  Future.

Through our outreach Mission in South Africa, 50 women are working , they can now end means for themselves and their Children.

                                                                                 They  are gone Back  Home

30 of the Homeless kids have gone back to   Government  Shelters and their relatives even though    some of them their  Parents are dead,  as we  got in touched   with their  relatives,   they are  gone back  home and gone   back to School  Is it not a  good  thing?

No more smoking,  no more drug abused, no more  Criminal activities!   But some are still in the street and all still need our assistant,  

You  may  like  to  Check  our  past Reference  news  letter  here:  http://kemptonexpress.co.za/42191/ou   

This  link  lead to  the  board  members  and  Volunteers  that  we  were  working  with in  South  Africa.

                                                             Food  for  the  families  in  neeD

                                                 Part of  our  Narrative  report  in  South  Africa

                         DO  we  we have  any  Marriage   relatioship  with  any of  these  families?

        No, we  found out their  Situation  in  our  Outreach  Mission.  May  be  in  Future  you  may get  more  information's  in our  news  letters 

At the  Moment we  are  Focusing on   the  Capacity building of  the  Organization in Ghana  that  may  help  us  to  reflect to  the  past in  South  Africa  Project in  Future.

You may love to Check more of the images of our previous Subjects with this link

List of important meetings: 

1,    meeting  regarding  South  Africa  Project:

Date  24th   March   2016.

List of the number of meetings :

Meetings of the kinds listed below: 

A,   Annual general meeting

B,  Special general meeting

C. Management meeting

D, Board meeting

The  date of  Annual General Meeting  of  2016:

    Meeting  regarding  South  Africa  Project:

Date  24th   March   2016.

Agenda    Capacity  building  of  the  Organization.

We Concluded  that,  we  would  proceed   South  Africa  Project  base  on the  Capacity  building of  the  Organization  in  Ghana.

A   Special General Meeting,  20  17.

On  the   1st  July  2017. The  Board  Members’  had  a   meeting,

Regarding  our  Partnership  with  Global  Giving.

 we  Concluded  that  it  will  be  a  great  Opportunity  for  the  Organization  to   Partner  with  Global Giving in  regards  of  the  Capacity  building  of the  Organization  and  our    Funds  raising platform  where  people  from  around  the  world  may    donate  or  sponsor  the  Organization  project   through  Global  giving.


Compassion   Soul  Winners   Outreach  International   2 years  Financial  Statement  and  Constitution.

The  whole  Income    for   Ghana    Project     from   2015  to 2017   was   $5000.000

That  were  for  both in  Cash  and   in  Kind.

$682.05  in Cash, Donations   the  Director

$ 4318  donation   in  Kind  donations from  the Director and  Individuals.


Expenditure  was   $5000.00   that  is  both  in  Kind  and  in  Cash.

An  Expenditure  involve  the  following:

  Ground  transport ,

  Email  Marketing.,

Writing and reading  books   for  the   Children.

Food , shoes    for  the three  Families  in  need and the  Children. 

Our  Story:

Our   deportation  in  South  Africa  has  really  affected  the    Financial  growth   of  the  Organization.

We  were  trying  to  Establish  the  Organization  in   South  Africa  for  both   Ghana  and  South  Africa  Projects,  but   because  of  an  Immigration  trend  it  has  affected  our  mission  for   South  Africa.

There  is  a need   to  Concentrate in   Ghana  Project   for  the   Capacity  building  of the  Organization,  so  that  in  the  future  we  can  extend  it  to  South  Africa   and  reflect  to the past  for  South  Africa project.

What is that deportation?

Unfortunately,  the team    who were  embarking   South  Africa   Project are backed to  Ghana and  the   Project is stacked at  the moment  due to South  Africa   Immigration   Trend.

What is  that  Immigration trend?

In  2015   An   Immigration  in South  Africa introduced a new  law that  if  we are  an  Immigrant in  South  Africa,  we   cannot extend  our work permit either apply for  work permit  in  South   Africa.

We  Must come  back to  our native countries  to apply it.

By this reason ,  all the  team members  are located  in  Ghana at the  Moment.

We  seek  to  get  Volunteers from  abroad  who  may  love  to help  Our  main   Subject  this  year   2018  in   Ghana   for     Family Entrepreneur Skills Empowerment  for  Child  Education

How   do we achieve these?

We have Started   a Measurable  Family  Entrepreneur   Skills  Empowerment plan. We  are  helping  the  Families  one  at  a time. 


  1. Organization’s name(s):

   Compassion  Soul  Winners   Outreach   International  

  1. Organization’s main and ancillary objectives:

Evangelism and Generosity.

* Organization’s income and property are not distributable to its members or office  bearers, 

except as reasonable compensation for services rendered.

* Provision for the organization to be a body corporate and have an identity and existence  distinct from its members or office bearers.

*  Provision for the organization’s continued existence not  withstanding changes in the 

composition of its membership or office bearers.

* Members or office  bearers have no rights in the property or other  assets of the  organization 

solely by virtue of their being members or office  bearers.

 *Powers of the organization

  *Organizational structures and mechanisms for its governance

   *Rules for convening and conducting meetings, including quorums  required for and the 

minutes to kept of those meetings.

 *Manner in which decisions are to be made

  * Provision made for the organization’s financial transactions to be conducted by  means of a 

Banking  account.

  *  Date for the end of the organization’s financial year  will  be  on  the   21st   April  on  Every  year. 

 *Provisions for membership fees and matters determining membership fees and other 

payments by members  will   be  done   on  an  agreement.

*Provision that members or office  bearers do not become liable for any of the obligations and 

liabilities of the organization solely by virtue of their status as members or office bearers of the organization.

*Provision for the appointment of office  bearers and tabulation of their respective functions will  be  signed  by the  Senior  Director  and  the  Secretary.    

* Procedure for nominating, electing or appointing office bearers

*Circumstances and manner in which office  bearers may be removed from office, provision 

for appeals against such removal, procedures for such  appeals the body to which such  appeals can be made.

*Provision that office  bearers are not personally li  able for any loss suffered by any person as 

a result of an act or omission which occurs in good faith while the office  bearer is 

performing functions for or on behalf of the organization.

* Provisions for making investments

  * Purposes for which the  investments  would  be  made would be solely  be  Focusing on  Social  progress  through  Family  Entreprenour  Skills  Empowerment,  counseling  and   Education.

Team  Work

*An  Execuretive  Director of the  Organization seek to build  team together with  the  Board members   with  the  same like  Minded. How  ever  any  board member  with  a def rend  Mindset may not  be  able  to proceed  with the team. We are still  building  team work  from both Local  and  International Communities. Both  online and  offline. 

Please  if  you  are Companies,  Foundations,  Churches   that are looking  for  Such  Organization to  Support,  then   please contact us through our Contact form! for  our  Up Coming  Generosity  online  Crowding  Campaign with    our  Indiegogo  Platform

You would love to be our Backer!


We  would love to  Show our  Gratitude and  Appreciation to all  our  Former and  Current Bakers  offline and  online.  We say  a  Big thank   you!!!

You are  own some and making a  great impart in our dying Societies! 



                                                             Evidence of  some  of  our  previous  Event

 We Were empowering  the  Skills  and  health care of the Families.  These Families  are  Muslims,  Christians, ect.

                                                                                  Refugees  Children

                                                               We distributed books to the  Refugees  Children

                                                     Feed Ghanaian s & Refugees Families 

                                                                                Distributed Bible                                                                                                                                             Feed  Refugees  Children                                                                        Feed  Homeless   youth

                                                             Provided  Blankets  and  clothes

                                                                         Shared the  word of  God

                                                                                              Distributed  Shoes



 This  Family is not the Family  or relatives  of  Senior  Director, nor  the  Family of  any  Board  Member. They  are the Family of a Widow from a defer end tribe. We  came  across  this  Family  during our  Outreach Mission. 

Please you can contact us on our website forms  and  lets  reason  together  how  you may love  to help 

Or  you

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