End of year Post

We  are  still  Supporting  the  Children  and  their  Families paying  their

Extra classes  Fees. as  well  as  helping  some  of  them  with books.

 We  shall  continue  to  help  them  till they  Finish  their  SHS.

We  belive  that   an  education  may  help the  Children  who  are  mostly in  need to  meet  their  Gods  Given potential  in  life.  They  may become  our  future   lawyer, Doctor, president  and  genuine  leaders  of  our  Nations.

That  is   why  w e  are  also doing our  best  to  help.


We  seek  to travel abroad  for learner ship   and  Business  Network  Programs  that  can  help  to  bring  more  impact   in the lives  of  the Children  and  their  Families  we  serve.  We  have  got  more  audience  in abroad that   love   to  meet  us  in person for  learner ship  and  Business  Network  Programs   for  Human  resources and  for  Social  impact.  

We are Appealing  to    an  institutions  and  Funding  Companies  who  may  love  to  assist  us with  Funding  for  our   trip.

We  have  have  got  more  Ideas that  w e  can  apply  for  Social  impact.

But  without  your  Support, it  will  be  a  big  Challenge!

Would  you  love  to  help?   Please  contact  us  now.

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