Health Care

08 Jan

Even  though  Unique   Compassion  Soul  Wining  Foundation  is  not  Health  care  Organization  or  Company,  how  ever  we  do  concern  the  health  care  of  the  Families  we  serve  for  w e really  need  it!

I  can  recall  that  about  3  weeks  ago,  We  intended to  pay  for  the  extra lessons  fee for  the  Children  and  their  Families  we  are  helping. We found  out that one  of the caretakers of the  Children was  severely  Sick. Does  it mean  we  we  overlook  the  situation because  of the Fees  payment?  No  way. We  stop  the  payment  of  the  fees  and  help  out  the  situation  and  after  that w e  pay  the  fees  latter.

In our  Outreach  Mission,  we realized  that  families who  are  mostly  in need fall  sick  due  to  Jobless,  lack  of  Education  Poverty,  depression,  death   by  sickness, diseases  and  Road accidents.  Since  we  are  not health  care  Organization  please  read through  our  website  and  see  what  we  are  doing to  help.  How  ever  if   trusted  Health care  Company  or  Organization  may  love  to  partner  with  us  for the  health  care  of the  Families w e  serve  they  are  welcome!

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