Unique   Compassion  Soul  Wining  Foundation  Be live  that,  Education plays  a  Major role  in  the  development  of  every  Family,  Every,  Community,  Every  country,  every  nation  and the  world  at  large!

That  is  why  we  Support  an  Education  of  Children  and  their  Families.

We  are  in the  progress  of   Established Books  Distribution  Office  in  Ghana  where  our  Prospective  Partner  will  supply  us  an approved  Books  that  will  Benefit  the  Vulnerable  group  in  Schools  from  Basic  level  to  University in Ghana.

The  process  for  this  Partnership  will  be done  in  this  month  August. And  then  all  the  require  Document  will  be  sent  to  them for  first  Container  Shipment  of   books  from  Uk  to  Ghana for Schools  who  are  in need.


Once  an  agreement  for  Books  distribution  in  Ghana  is  Established  and  the first Container  is  shipped  to  Empower  Education  in  Ghana  both  in  rural  areas  and  in  Cities, then  the  partner  will  be  in  Charge  for  all  our  Education  programs  and  activities. Therefore if  any  Company  or  an  Organization  want to  partner  with us regarding  Education   they   would need  to  contact  them  first. 

Our After School   classes  is  also  in progress. Eve  though  they  are  on  vacation  at the  moment, but   Vacation  classes  will  be  Organized  for them   on the  six   August  in this  month  if  time  permit.  We  are  aiming  at  reflection  their      mind  and  those  who  have  not  been  placed  in  Schools  we  would     make  sure  we  shall  do  that  for their  Permanent   Education  from  Basic  level  to  University.

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