“The greatest danger to our future is apathy …” Jane Goodall, Environmentalist.

02 Mar

 Africa today is facing an unprecedented breakdown in the structured family life as we have known it, caused by poverty and "modernization". This situation is real and is a clear and present danger to our defined social order.

Due to the increasing poverty and modernization, structured family patterns in Africa are undergoing definitive changes. Because of breakdown in family units, vulnerable youths and children are finding themselves on the metropolitan cities, without any support structure, making them susceptible to a plethora of social ills, including drug/alcohol addiction, AIDS/HIV infection and lack of basic education/ life skills. This toxic cocktail makes them ill-equipped to deal with the rest of society and puts them on a slippery path, to criminality, making them non-productive members of society. Continuous exposure to such ills, makes it almost impossible for them to escape out of this system, once they are sucked into it. 

 Africa due to its historic position of being a “developing” continent is most vulnerable to the problem of destitution. Already it is has been noted with alarm that besides criminality, non-functional members of society drawn from  Families  who  are  Mostly  in need. create and perpetuate a culture of dependency, ultimately costing the Government billions in missed opportunities and rehabilitative efforts

Africa due to its poverty and at times apathy from central government has been vulnerable to the effects of increased destitution on the populace. The developed nations have been at the forefront of complicity in destroying the societal fabric by bringing in development, that at times was not matched with the requisite education, leaving societies to negotiate through the labyrinth of new found affluence without the necessary "skills" to handle the side effects e.g. easier access to drugs and alcohol, thus leading to family breakdowns.

Unique  Compassion Soul Winning   Foundation  endeavors to lobby the African government, politicians, churches and communities to focus on the issue of reducing the number of vulnerable children and youths and  women  on the street.  Africa by virtue of being the most  Naturalized country on the continent must take the lead.

 Unique Compassion  Soul  Wining seeks to build partnerships between  Individuals  Volunteers,  groups  and  Communities Causes of Destitute  Families.

The increased incident of homeless street children arises from among others:
*financial stress through increasing poverty levels in the communities
*breakdown of the family structure through moral decay
*the ease with which illicit drugs and alcohol are getting to the youths
There are approximately  a million street kids in South Africa  and  Ghana at the moment and it is projected that these will double to two  million in ten years. Clearly this cannot be allowed to spiral unchecked, as the cost in human and capital terms can wreck havoc on the  African economy.

What are the options?
The world must act now and act decisively!
Worldwide governments might consider this an African problem, but unfortunately with the world now a global village, immigration trends have amply demonstrated that the incident of legal and illegal migration will feature strongly and cost the developed countries millions in the ficus each year as mobile nationals escape the perceived ills in their countries to go to greener pastures. African governments must wake up to the domestic crisis in  Families.

*Central government must explore ways to provide more sustainable social welfare assistance that will protect the vulnerable in society  with  the  Charity  and  Community  Organization

*Local governments must compliment government by putting into place legislature that makes it easier for example, for private initiatives to establish "places of safety", among other initiatives.

Families  halfway home” should be given explicit support. This will see  homes established and enjoying official support in the form of "tax-breaks", among other incentives.

*Churches must take a lead in re-establishing the moral fibre of the nation i.e. churches through regular sermons and outreach programs must reach out to vulnerable  Families  to inculcate in them the message of hope through  the  word  of  God.

Not  only  that,  it  is  through  that,  with  prayers  and  righteousness   Nations  are  built,  but  if  the  Church  reject the  Sacrificial  work  of  God in  order  to  Sacrifice  their  lives  in order  to help  others  Physically,  then  their  faith  will  amount nothing.

Because the  Spiritual things  belong  to  God  and  the  things  seen  belong to  men.

*There is a need for more aggressive community involvement in tackling social ills on a day-to-day basis like,  Jobless  drug and alcohol abuse, under-age sexual exploitation, school drop outs and truancy and other social ills be-devilling the community.

*Local governments must be more pro-active in their support for social initiatives to tackle these social problems, by putting into law measures that will make it easier to establish and run a sustainable charity enterprise Not  self  Enterprise  only.

We recently trying  to  Establish  books  distribution  office   with  the help  of  one  of  our  Inter National  net Work. We  visited  Social  ware fare  Office  to require  how they  may  help  us  to  get  Social  wafer e   Certificate  for  a  smooth   Operation a s  an   NGO to  assist Families  who  are  mostly  in need.

Check  the  following  money  they  are looking  from  us:

-Bank  Draft  -Gch200.00

-Social  warfare  Head  office  Ghc50.00

-Regional  Office-  Ghc50.00

-Metro  Office- Ghc20.00

- AMA- Ghc180.00

-Locality  Social  Warfare  office-  Ghc180.00

IN TOTAL-  Gch670.00-  How  many  Small  Nonprofit  Organization  can  get  such  amount  to  register  new  NGO  even  though  they  are  already  registered  with  registrar  general?  

instead  of  Medias  must  talk about   Social  services  in  our  Communities  to  engage    Community members  to  help  for  Social  Change,  some  of  them  are rather   promoting  sexual  Music, movies  immoral  activities,  and  they  comes   back  to  blame   Government, Organizations and some  Churches regarding  Families  decay.

UNIQUE Compassion  Soul  Winners, aim  to  proceed  and conduct Programs with  all  our  Network, To Keep Children Off The Streets to  stay  together  with their  Families.  Various initiatives will be instituted to educate and make the children/youths aware of the dangers of keeping on the streets. These initiatives will be in many forms, but will aim to make it attractive for children to choose safety to "freedom".

 .Teaching/ Counseling For the Vulnerable
The program will ensure that  a  Counselor is always available for the vulnerable to counsel and guide them, so that they may become morally upright and not be easily swept back into their former life. Parents or the general community will be encouraged to participate in the re-rehabilitation of the street kids,  their Families and offer them moral support. All teaching will have a strong  Godly  ethos and  Psychologist  expect.

 .Feeding Schemes
The program will continue to afford feeding schemes for some vulnerable children who are not in the program, be they within a family group or be they in the street. This will decrease the incident of those within dis-advantaged families dropping into the street. The ones on the streets might decide to join the program after inter-acting with the "feeders".

The program will network with similar initiatives  Volunteers and other welfare Volunteer  to create a strong community of welfare  and  health care.

 .Fund Raising
The program will as a necessity, run sustainable fund raising programs to establish it firmly with  our  Network

 .Prayer Meetings
As a small   organization that works very closely and in partnership with an  International and  local  Communities,  the  Board members  will  meet  once  in the  month  or  twice, Interceding  for  all.

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