Why do you want to kill my dream?

14 Feb

The  work  we  are  doing is  for  Societies  and  not  for  ourselves.  It  is  the  God  of  all  Mankind   who  has  entrusted  this  task  into  our   Hands  to  Change  destinies  for  his  Glory together  with   Our  Network

All  the  Images  and  videos  of the  website  you  see are  the  Children  and their  Families  who  are  Mostly  in need,  We  have  helped   some  of  them  already  and  still  Reflecting to  the  past  for  a Positive  impact. 

Why do you  want  to  Kill  this  dream?  Why  are  you  contacting  people  of  our  Network  in  other  to  destroy us  to  them?

Why  are  you  Pursuing  my life  and  my  Mission? Do  you know  that ,   Killing my  dream  and  Killing   the  dreams  of  our  Backers means,  you  are  Killing  the destinies  of  the  Children and  their Families, you  are  Killing  your  own  destinies, the  development  in  our  Communities, Countries  and  Nations?

Have  you asked  yourself  that  an  arm  rubbers that  Committing  a  lot of  Crimes  in the  Societies  come  from   Families  like  yours, but  because of  Societies  have   rejected  them  they  have  found themselves  in that  act?  Ten  of  the  Youth  from   Families who  have  ended  up  on the  street   in  their  early age in   South  Africa  told  me  that  they  wanted  to  form  an  Arm rubbing  group  and  after  Smoking and  taking  their  drugs   they  will  not  be  Afraid  to  break into  peoples  house  and their   Bank  to kill, destroy  and  steal  because  they have  seen that  Societies  have   rejected  them!

And  let  me  ask you, how  do  you  know  that  the  decision  they  took  would have   go  against  you, your  Family  and  your  work,  but  our  Counseling  with  the  help  of  God  has  saved  you?  

Do you call  this  Social  work  a s  a  lazy  work, we  are lazy  that is  why  w e  are  doing this  work?

If  you  do  not  stop  what  you  are  doing,  i  belt you  in the  name  of   Jesus  Christ  of  Nazareth,

These  Children  are going  to  grow  in  pain,  agony dis trees  and one  day   you  may  be  regret! 

Remember,  had  i know  is  always  at last.   

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