Unique Compassion Soul Winning Foundation ( NGO)is Creating an Opportunities for Gifts Givers from around the world to connect with Compassion Soul Winners Outreach International. By Utilizing their Different Talents, Gifts, Skills, Knowledge or Resources with us In-respective of different believes or Different Faith in transforming lives together in our Com unities in this Pandemic Challenge! Especially Children, youth, women and their Families who are mostly in need.

Unique Compassion Compassion Soul Winning Foundation is the Main Organization that Supporting all the Projects, Programs, activities of Compassion Soul Winners, 2021 Social Cooperate responsibilities  Campaign with Compassion Soul Winners, Team for  South Africa  projects  will  end  30th  June 2021 and  the  same  Campaign  for  Ghana  Projects will  get  started July to  December 2021. Campaign for South Africa is for South Africa and the same will be apply for Ghana.


Love your Nab-our as yourself

I am Francis  Asomaning the  over all operation of  Compassion Soul Winners
Outreach International    Located in  South  Africa working  with Compassion Soul Winners Outreach International Team.

Compassion  Soul Winners Outreach International Started  By  Francis  Asomaning and  his team with a  Mission of Providing Support for  Basic Human  needs   in  Ghana  in  the  year 2008 and  the  Organization Extended  its  Feathers to  South  Africa in 2012. 

 I supervise  Staff members and programs including policy building and implementation.Be extremely careful about this   crook  Organization they  are  online  crook! We  no  what w e  are  going to  do  for  their  Crook  Organization to be  disconnected  and  disappeared from  Compassion Soul  Winners Outreach  International  for  ever online.  There are a  lot  of fraud activities  going  on  an Internet. I believe  that every  Visionary have got  what is  called a  Master  plan to keep  his  vision or  mission  alive and  forwards  without relying on  any  one  even  if  all those around him  turns  agaist  him or  her. He always do good  to them in time of need if  he  is  in a position to  help That is  what i  am.

We  shall  be  doing  both Online  and  offline  Media  Publication  in our  Campaign  with  Compassion Soul Winners Outreach International team  for  Compassion  Soul  Winners Outreach International projects  in  South  Africa  to  gain  Gifts Givers for the  Organization.

The Covert19 Pandemic Challenge is Shaking the  whole world, some Companies  and  Organizations who suppose to help up coming NPOs and  Societies  are Shut down, some are also struggling  to get  back to their feet. Some are also Managing for their Survival with an  exception of large Companies and  Organizations who are  still doing  what they can  to help themselves and  help Societies which we  are  yet  to come across one.

In  our  Corporate Social  responsibilities Network Campaign, we  aim to connect Compassion Soul Winners Outreach International with all Kind of Businesses Entities who  may care  about our  Mission and our  Communities. We aim to  provide quality, speed, reliability services to those we  are helping  and our Network .

Capacity Expansion Strategies of  Our  Services:
Together with Compassion Soul Winners Outreach International team, capacity Expansion Strategy will be one of our priorities in 2021 to meet a rising demand for our services to Tackle Covert19 Pandemic Challenge whiles Focusing the following areas of our Services.

1, Leadership training of our Team and Demonstrating the real love of God among Team members.

2, Team work

3, Transparency

4, Honesty

5, Respect

6 Determination

7, accountability

8, Network

9, We shall Make Sure that, any deceptive Network will be disconnected from our Organization!

We believe that, due to Covid19 Pandemic Challenge, an above mentioned Focusing areas of our Services will help to meet a rising demand for our services.
We aim to Provide services to 400 Individuals Families who are mostly in Need.

Target group are, Children, Youth, women and men who are mostly in need.

Any resources or revenue that shall generate from  our work,  Campaign, Services, Programs, activities and  Events  for  our Operation and our Projects in South Africa will  go  strait to our Projects  in South Africa.
We believe that helping South Africa Communities is  like  helping  the  whole Africa Continent  and  the world at large!

That is  why we  would love to  encourage  you  to  contact  us here   now:COMPSOULW

In the  due  time, we  shall  Extend  our   Campaign  to  Support  Compassion Soul Winners   Outreach International  Projects in  Ghana.

Are  you  looking  for a  Potential  Organization  to  Sponsor or  Partner with  you are at  the  right  place Please  Contact  us  now!COMPSOULW

We are the  main  Organization  that  helping all  the  Programs, activities, projects and  Events of  Compassion  Soul  Winners  Outreach  International.  Please  do not be  deceive by any  International  or  a  local  Organization.
We  want to tell the  world  that if  you  see  this  name  Compassion Soul  Winners Outreach International Communidad Mujer on  Goolge  which  may  lead  you  to  UN  Global  Compact   here, take note  that, none  of  them  have  got  nothing  to  do  with  Compassion Soul  Winners Outreach International  Projects  either  in  Ghana  or  South  Africa.
If they  say  they  do,  then  consider  them as  online  crook  Organizations! Any information's  you  see  here are  Past.

You will  see the  Current  Operation  information's here

If  you  see  this  Organization  from  UN,  on  google  called  Compassion Soul Winners Outreach International ComunidadMujer. They  have  got  nothing to  do  with  Compassion  Soul  Winners Outreach  International  either  in  Ghana or   India nor   in  South  Africa.  Compassion Soul Winners Outreach  International    even  only  Know   United  Nation,  their given accreditation  all  their  NGOs  online  even though  Compassion  Soul  Winners is participating  various Events  from  various  Organizations including some  of  UN  NGOs  online. We have  not yet  get  any  UN  Organization who  may want  to  Support our  Current Projects  including  UN  Women  and  UN   Global  Compact.  

Compassion Soul Winners outreach International is not  yet  connected  with  any UN  reliable Organization  who  are  helping  Compassion  Soul  Winners Outreach  International  Projects  with  either  in Cash or in  Kind  offline or  online.  Please  do  not  be  deceived!

Our Head and CEO, Is Busy doing Online email Marketing and offline Peer to peer Campaign Marketing reaching various Companies Leaders and Managers for Network Collaboration to share Ideas of how we can Tackle the Covert 19 Pandemic Challenge together through the following:

Supply Chain Network, such as Food Distribution Network, Individuals Farmers Empowerment, Books Distribution Network, Medical supply Network,

Accommodation Support Network,
Funds raising Network, Medias Publication Network and trauma Counseling, for our Vol unable group. Good Drinking water Network, Women, Children and Youth Empowerment Network.

If  we  say   Network Collaboration  for  Compassion  Soul  Winners Outreach  International, it means,   we  aim  to connect  Compassion  Soul  Winners Outreach  International with  both  larger, small Organizations or  Companies who  may  care  about our  mission and Projects from Global Communities  that  God  have placed His  Natural  resources in their  Different  Countries and have  placed  his different s Gifts,  Talents, Skills, Potentials  and knowledge in   different s  people from different  Nations  to  Utilized  them  with  Compassion Soul  Winners Outreach International  to love  and  help in  torching Children and  their  Families who are  mostly in  need one  at a time. The  Network can  be  on Donations for  our  Projects  Purposes  or  Business Network  Purposes,

Gift Givers  Donors Team.

Gift Givers  Definition:


Definition of Gift from Dictionary:

Every Human Being living under this sun may know that, Gift is something given voluntarily without payment in return, as to show favor toward someone, honor an occasion, or make a gesture of assistance; present.

Or an act  of Giving
It is not only  that,  Gift Can also Define  as   something bestowed or acquired without any particular effort by the recipient or without its being earned: Those extra points he got in the game were a total gift.
a special ability or capacity; natural endowment; talent: the gift of saying the right thing at the right time.

(Verb use with Object)
In the  verb Use  with  Objective, Gift is to  present with as a gift; bestow gifts upon; endow with.

How  do  we  explain  the above Mentioned Definitions of  Gift  as  Faith  Based  Nonprofit Organization?:

First Corinthians  4: 7   Says,

 For who makes you so superior? What do you have that you didn't receive? If, in fact, you did receive it, why do you boast as if you hadn't received it?

We believe  that  life  is  all  about Gifts:
If  i  may  ask,  why  did  you  came to this world from your  Mother"s   womb by Naked?

You came to  this  world  by  naked because for  the  God of  all  Mankind has already Provided everything you  may  need by his  own Provisions.

The  Creations  of  God are  the Gifts  of  God  to  all Humankind on Earth.
If there is  no  Earth  where  will  you  Build your  Mont ions  when  you  came  to  this  world Naked?

Textiles are made from many materials, with four main sources: animal (wool, silk), plant (cotton, flax, jute, bamboo), mineral (asbestos, glass fibre), and synthetic (nylon, polyester, acrylic, rayon). The first three are natural and they  are Gods Creations given to  all  Mankind  around  the  Globe and they are where  we  get  our  Clo then.

All  the  Production Companies  around  the  Globe  Received  their  Products from Gods Creations.

God  in  his  wisdom Created  every  Human  benign differently with different Talents and  Different gifts  that  they  can Utilized them out of Gods  creation that  Can  Benefit all  Mankind  around  the  world In-respective of D efferent Be lives or Different Faith.That  is  why  there  is  no  need  to condemn any religion,  Companies, Organizations  or an Individuals   that  Providing   Humanitarian  relieve to  Humankind in  need.

There  is  no  way  we  shall  allow  Compassion  Soul Winners Outreach International to work  under  any  religious  believes  or  a  Church. Sure it is  not  wrong  to go  to  Church  or Join any religious  Organization   according to your Faith  or  reason. I grew up in  Christian  Faith  still  in  Christian  Faith sharing  the  word to meet spiritual need of those  we  help as  well.  But  the truth is  that, it  is  only  God who will determine the  Final destination of  every  single  Soul  at  the  Judgement day,  there fore  we    do not  Judge  any  religion. Why  should we force  People to go to a  specific  Church if  they  do  not  want  to  join?

Why  should we   force  people  to  go to  a specific     Church because   they are  the  best  Church if they  do not want it?  while i  know  there  is  no  perfect  Church  in this  world, except  only one,  who is  the  God  all  Creation, God  of  all  mankind, the all powerful,  Merciful  God  who  can  use  anything, anybody  to accomplish his  purpose on earth.

This  Morning  when i  am  on  my  way  heading towards West Street by foot in  Kemp ton Park Community, i  met two ladies from Christ  Embassy Church who was  standing  by.  They  stop  me  and  Said, can you give us Two  Minutes of your time  for we  want to  Share  something with  you  and  Invite  you to  our  Church  with  this  Booklet. I said  why  not if time will permit  me. I stop and  was waiting for  what they will say. Immediately, i saw other  lady  taking us  Photo  with  the  other  lady  who  stop  me.  And i  Said why are  you  taking  us  Photo?  Photo  for  what?  She  said, why  you don"t  want it? I said i  do  not  want  what? have you ever  told  me  we  want to  take  Photo  with  me?  I do not hate  Photo, but  my  Photo  for what? I told  them  that i also  takes others  Photos but we make  them  aware and w e  explain the  reason.

I found  out  that  this  ladies  are  sent  by  their   Church  just  to  advertise their   Church  with  that  small  booklet,  never  undergone  any  training  that  they  may  needed.  I also  suspect  them, they  may  sent  to  me  for  their  own  mission. 
I  even do not know  if  they  still  have  my Photo even though  i  ask  them  to  delete it.

I do not  hate  any  Church, i go to  Church  myself, if  time  permit  me. How ever  God  can  be  worship at any day, any time  and  anywhere  even if  time  did  not  permit  me  to  go to Church.  That is  what i  believe , i am  Extremely careful   about  Churches, for  some  are very  crooks!  I am  speaking from  an  experience  that  i  do  not  want  to  say  much  on  this. Some  Church leaders  are  Mission  Killers and  Vision  destroyers,  may  God  clear  them  all  from our  way in Jesus   Mighty name  Amen  and  Amen!

God  placed His  Natural  resources in  Different  Countries and placed  his different s Gifts,  Talents, Skills and knowledge in   different s  people from different  Nations  to  Utilized  them to love  and  help  each other especially those  who  needed  them  Most.

Some  Children and  their  Families  around  the  world    especially in Africa  are  suffering  due to  selfishness  and the  lack of opportunities and rewards for different social positions.

 our  Own  Definition of  the real Giver:

The  real Giver  is a  Person, group,a Church,  large and  Medium  Organizations  and  Companies and  Nations around  the  Globe who  treat  this  life  we  are all  living  once  on  Earth  as  a  Gift from  God  and Utilized what ever  they  have  achieved  in  live  through  their God  given Strength,  Resources, Gift,  Talent, Skills,  Knowledge and  wisdom away  to  help  those  who needed them  most in regular  Basis irrespective of  Religious believes, Geographical  boundaries, Co lour, Educational Background  ect. 

Why do we need to give to  our  Communities  through Nonprofit Organization  like  Compassion Soul Winners Outreach International?:

Please first and Foremost lets see the Definition of Nonprofit Organization:

Not for Profit Definition:
By Will Kenton..0

Not For  Profit  Meaning:
Not-for-profit organizations are types of organizations that do not earn profits for its owners. All of the Gift in  Kind  and  in  Cask earned by or donated to a not-for-profit organization is used in pursuing the organization's objectives and keeping it running.1 Typically, organizations in the nonprofit sector are tax-exempt charities or other types of public service organizations, and as such, they are not required to pay most taxes. In a nonprofit organization, income is not distributed to the group's members, directors, or officers. There are other  sectors who are  Health  care  Charitable  Organizations.
  (By Will Keton )

Investopedia  Definition:
Taxes > Charitable  Organizations:
Nonprofit Organization (NPO)
By Kenton

What is a Nonprofit Organization?
A nonprofit organization is a business that has been granted tax-exempt status by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) because it furthers a social cause and provides a public benefit. Donations made to a nonprofit organization are typically tax-deductible to individuals and businesses that make them, and the nonprofit itself pays no tax on the received donations or on any other money earned through fundraising activities. Nonprofit organizations are sometimes called NPOs organizations based on the section of the tax code that permits them to operate.

Qualifications for NPO Status:
A nonprofit designation and tax-exempt status are given only to organizations that further religious, scientific, charitable, educational, literary, public safety or cruelty-prevention causes or purposes. Examples of nonprofit organizations include hospitals, universities, national charities, churches, and foundations.

A nonprofit must serve the public in some way, whether through the offering of goods, services, or a combination of the two. They're also required to make financial and operating information public so that donors can be informed about how—and how well—their contributions have been used.3 Nonprofits may also exist to collect income to dispense to other qualifying charities.
Before it can receive a tax exemption, an organization needs to request ppstatus from the IRS. Once registered and running, the organization has to maintain compliance with the appropriate state agency that regulates charitable organizations. This often requires a dedicated CIO and accounting team.

NPOs cannot be political, which helps explain why so many of them actively seek a non-partisan tone in their communications. Organizations seeking status must state explicitly in their organizing papers that they will not participate in any political campaign on the behalf of any candidate or make expenditures for political purposes.4 There  NPOs groups that can engage in these activities, but not PBO organizations.

Operating Rules for NPO Status:
While some not-for-profit organizations use only volunteer labor, many large or even medium-size non-profits are likely to require a staff of paid full-time employees, managers, and directors. Despite having special tax advantages in other respects, nonprofits typically must pay employment taxes and abide by state and federal workplace rules in the same way as for-profit organizations.
Nonprofits are allowed to provide assets or income to individuals only as fair compensation for their services. Indeed, the organization must explicitly state in its organizing papers that it will not be used for the personal gain or benefit of its founders, employees, supporters, relatives, or associates.

Nonprofit vs. Not-for-Profit
The terms nonprofit organization (NPO) and not-for-profit organization (NFPO)are sometimes used interchangeably. There are, however, key distinctions between the two types of enterprise.
A key one is their purpose. As mentioned, nonprofits must offer some social benefit and provide goods or services. Not-for-profits need not have such an orientation and may exist simply to serve their membership rather than society at large.

The sections of the IRS's 501(c) code that governs each of NPOs and NFPOs serve to further delineate their differences. Nonprofits operate under 501(c)(3), for "corporations, funds or foundations that operate for religious, charitable, scientific, literary or educational purposes." NFPOs, by contrast, primarily do so under other sections, such as 501(c)(7), for "recreational organizations." One classic example of an NFPO, then, is a sports club that's jointly owned by its members and sustained simply for their enjoyment.
In turn, the code sets out different tax treatment for NPOs and NFPOs. In general, both organization types are tax-exempt, as in the income they earn is not subject to tax. But only with NPOs is the money people give to the organization, as dues or donations, deductible from their taxable income.

Does  Compassion Soul Winners Outreach International  qualify  for  an above  Mentioned information’s as   Not  For Profit  or  Public  benefit Organization?:

Sure, Compassion Soul Winners Outreach International furthers a social cause and provides a public benefit services by Meeting the Basic Human needs. We have registered for Tax exemption with SARS with the Reference number, 9917294176.

Our own Definition:
Nonprofits can generate profit through  what  ever   Business  that  they  may embark on  or through   a  Gifts  and  Donations they  may  receive,  but they cannot distribute it to owners or directors. The profit must all be used to support the operation of the organization in torching lives in  our  Communities.

That  is  why we  are  creating an Opportunity for  all  for  Compassion  Soul  Winners Outreach International that  can give  according to  what they  have  to  help our Com unities.

In  our  Cooperate Social responsibilities Campaign,we  are  please  to recommend  and  Introduce  Compassion Soul Winners Outreach Intentional to the world  that you  are Free  to  join  our  Gift  Givers team  who  may want to  donate  to  our  Projects.

Gift  Givers Team is  already created for  Compassion Soul  Winners  Outreach  International  offline for  Compassion Soul  Winners  Outreach International  Projects.

We shall  connect the  team with all  the  Social  Medias  Online, Such as  Facebook, twitter, Inter gram  LinkedIn  ect. The  team  will  be  lunch through  Online   and  offline  Medias  for  all in our   Global  Communities   who  may  care  about  our  Mission  and  Projects  to  join us!

We  aim  to  Connect  the Team with  Top  leaders,  of  the  State, Companies,  Large and  mediums  Organizations, Churches from around the  world   who  may  care about  the  Mission  and  Projects of  Compassion  Soul  Winners  Outreach  International and for  others  who  may  need  our services in future.
Through the  good administration of Compassion Soul Winners Outreach  International, Accountability transparency,  respect,  Hum-unity Honesty,  are  priorities  of  the Organization.

Every Human  being who have  got a Genuine heart, breath, strength,Ideas and  resources  is  welcome  to  Join the Gift Givers of  Compassion  Soul Winners Outreach International Team.

You are  welcome  to  Join  US to  provide or to give  what   you  have  to  support!

Compassion Soul Winners Outreach International  Website  here: Compassion will be updated with  new information's  and  Images  soon.  Please  Check  out.

It is  all  about  Torching  Children and their  Families who  are mostly  in  need  one  at  a time.
Why one at a time?, The reasons are as follows:

1, We are  Currently  Making  a  Significant, lasting impact,
2, There  are  no enough  resource.

The reason  why there  is  a  need  to involve both Local and  International  Communities to  assist are as follows:
(1,)  Compassion Soul  Winners Outreach International  plays a significant role in society as they take a shared responsibility with Government for the social and development needs of the  Community, country,  Nations  and  the  world  at  Large. That is why there is a need to involve in  both  Local  and  International Communities to assist by increasing the Organization financial resources. 

(2)  Compassion Soul Winners Outreach International  is  helping and  reducing  Jobless, Hanger,  Crime, Homeless,  Orphanages  Sicknesses and  Immorality in the  Society!

{3)  There are  Full  time  Volunteers that  working  with  Compassion Soul  Winners Outreach International in  reaching  Children  and their  Families spending  their days  and  time   working with  the Vol unable Families that  deserve  Voluntary  Benefits or Service Compensation.

(4)  To  reduce  Lack of Materials for Child Education.

( 5) The  World  need  to  Connect  with  Compassion Soul Winners Outreach  International  for  the  Services that  they are  Providing  for the Society is  not  Common to  Identify  some of  Such  Organizations in  the  Societies on our  Mother Earth.

What does  it mean  to  help  and  reduce  Orphanage  in  the  Society!
What is the purpose of orphanage?
Orphanages once served a necessary and worthwhile purpose of providing for children's basic needs for food, shelter, and clothing when parents were either dead or absent. As society progressed, it accepted a responsibility to provide financial support to parents as a way to keep children with their families. 

To our  point of view,  Children still need  to  stay with their  Relatives for  them  to be  the  caretaker of an Orphan  who  Parents  are  dead or  without  Parents  and  Providing  Financial  or  any  necessary support  to  support  the  relative  care  taker  right  at  their  doweling  place in  their  Home.

The word  says, I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you.

There  is  a  need for  the  world to  connect with  an  Organizations  that  reaching  Orphans  right  in their  Relatives Families  who are are  also  mostly  in  need  rather  than  building  Shelter  for  them  outside  their  Home.

Orphans do  not  need  only  Shelter, food, Clothen,  health care and  Education, they  also  need  Family Love,  Comfort,  Security  and  Peace!

If the  relatives of  an  Orphans are  no  where  to  be  found,  then  we  encourage  that,  the world  need  to  adopt them  as  their own  Children  to  take  care  of  them.

Homeless  Shelter :
Definition by Dictionary   (plural homeless shelters)
A building set up to provide for the needs  for  Homeless  People:often  including Shelter, food,  Sanitation and other  forms of  Support.

It is good  attempt for Governments  or other Institutions to build a  shelter in order  to care  for the Homeless  adults,
How ever it is  extremely not good practicing not  to care for  Children and their  care  givers  who  are  mostly  in  need  at Home. Why do we need  to  allow  Children  and their care givers  who are  mostly in need  to suffer and  at the  end  they ended   up  in the  street  and  then we  spend  the  same  money or a resources   that  they  needed  at  Home, but  never  help  them?
I have worked with homeless and listened to their Stories and visited some of them their Home and Find out that some of the Homeless adults ended up in the street between the age of 8-17 years and they have grew in a street whiles some are between the age of 18-50 years especially the Male Homeless adults.

We found out at some  of them at their  Home  that, they  did  not get  good  training  at  Home  that  is  why  they  ended  up  in the street during their  Childhood  stage. Some  ended  up  in the street,  by  Domestic  violence  at Home.
Some  ended  up in the street, by  Poverty at Home  and  ect,

Why do we overlook the  above  Mentioned  Situations that  Children and  their  Care  givers  are facing everyday in their  lives and  at the  end  of the  day  they ended  up in a street, they grow  in  a  street and  become  big  Social ill  or  a big  Challenge in the society Instead of  addressing the  Issue  at  an early stage?

If you listen to  some  of  the  Homeless stories,  you  will find out  that,  they  also  need  good  treatment,   comfort, Security,  good  caring, real  love,   , trauma Couseling , Privacy  and Human Resources  that  can  help and  bring them  back  to  their actual  Human  right and Human position in this  life!

Some  Countries  have   Mixed Potential people  that  god  send  them  to their  Countries  to help  and deal  with Social ills  that  Confronting  their  Societies   every  day because  they  do  not  value  them  and  do  not  value  their  work!

The Benefit if Joining  Compassion Soul Winners  Outreach International Gift  Givers:
There is a great rewards  in Generosity for  God  Love a  Cheerful giver  irrespective of religious  believes.
Bible  says, Each of you should give what you have decided in your heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver. And God is able to bless you abundantly, so that in all things at all times, having all that you need, you will abound in every good work.

Which  means  that,  there  are rewards  in  Giving and  there  is  a need  to give in  Faith,  Especially Giving  to  those who  are   Mostly  in  need. And  you  will be  bringing an enlargement in your  very  good  work.

Bible says,   God is able to bless you abundantly, so that in all things at all times, having all that you need, you will abound in every good work.

Those  who  give  from a Sincere  heart, Experience Joy  in-their  heart, as they  see others lives  been  transform  through  their  Generosity.

Some also  receive  Tax  Reduction  from the  State  for  they  are  Sharing  Government  Social responsibilities  as  they  give  back to  the  Community  through  Public  Benefit Organization.  

Psalm  41:1-3 says,
 Blessed is he that considereth the poor: the Lord will deliver him in time of trouble.
The Lord will preserve him, and keep him alive; and he shall be blessed upon the earth: and thou wilt not deliver him unto the will of his enemies.
  The Lord will strengthen him upon the bed of languishing: thou wilt make all his bed in his sickness.

In respective of religious Believes, This  Public declaration is  for  us  an fpr  all our  Network:
Through  our  Generosity,  God  of  all  Mankind, all Nations  and  all  Fresh  will  show us  and  our Home the  Power  of  his  Salvation, God  will  deliver  us in time  of  trouble, God  will  never  handle us  into  the  hands  of  our  enemies or  wicked   ones!  We   are  Blessed  in  abundant  on  earth,  and we  shall  not  die by any  disease, any  Sickness any  accident. The  Lord  will  strengthen us upon  the  bed of  languishing and  will  be right  there with  us  in  our  sick  bed, 

Fear not, Fear not, Fear  not, do  not  fear.

We walk with God, a God of impossibility. Lion of the tribe of Juda, Our Captain and Banners.
He who appeared to Moses in the Burning bush. Joshua's Mighty Shield.

The foundation of all things and the source of all things.

The only wise, all- knowing God even before the world began. Our great Fortress, who with a pillar of cloud
And pillar of fire protects his Children. without him we can accomplish nothing.

The one and only Indomitable God. Rock of ages..and the everlasting God.
Mortal God without an end or beginning. He who parted the sea and led his people safely on dry Land,

Merciful God. We do not fear if he is with us.. Just as the eagle. Cares so much of its young,
Bears us up on his winds.So we do not ever srike our feet against stone, Thus in our going out and our coming in.We do not fear if God be with us. Because he who lives within us is greater than he who is in world.

The plans of the wicked shall not see the light of the day. Their plans shall come to nought, a thousands may fall at our side, Ten Tau sand at our right hand, we only observe with our eyes and see the Punishment of the wicked. If God walk with us we will not fear. H e is our Maker, who is with us, He is our righteousness and our breast plate.

All powers belongs to him. He is our prince of peace, he is our healer,

The good Shepherd who knows his sheep. The God of our banner. H e is our Provider!

 in  Jesus  mighty  name  we  declared and  Proclaim  Amen  and  Amen!!!!!!!
I am on Mission trip in South Africa Working With Compassion Soul Winners Outreach International Team. We are taking Office Bearers through Nonprofit Leadership training and also ensure that any deceptive and Pretenders Office bearers will be disconnected from the Organization according to the Organization Constitution!

I am Currently Supporting Compassion Soul Winners Outreach International Cooperate Social responsibilities Campaign Network Marketing in South Africa.

I am Busy doing Online email Marketing and offline Peer to peer Campaign Marketing for Network Collaboration for CSWOI to Tackle Covert19 Pandemic Challenge as follows:

Supply Chain Network, such as Food Distribution Network, Individuals Farmers Empowerment, Books Distribution Network, Medical supply Network, Accommodation Support Network, Funds raising Network, Medias Publication Network and trauma Counseling for our Vol unable group. Women, Children and Youth Empowerment Network.  

Be Extremely carefully about  this  crook  Organization: Crook they have go nothing to do with  Compassion Soul Winners Outreach International in Ghana for we  are  currently  Operating in South Africa.

We are supporting Compassion Soul Winners Outreach International for they are looking at the Holistic approach of our Vol unable group in our Communities.

 The Corporate Social responsibility Campaign Network that we are embarking in South Africa Purposely aim to gain Capacity building, Sustainability that will help to tackle Covert19 Pandemic Challenge as well as helping South Africa Vulnerable Families in South Africa and will be reflected back to Ghana Projects in future.

BOOKS FOR AFRICA.  Book for  Africa  have  Donated  40ft  Basic  English  books  to  support  CSWOI  Projects in South   Africa  how  ever  they  need  Funding  for Shipment from  USA  to South  Africa  Please  you  ca  contact  us  now if  you may  want  to  Sponsor  the  Shipment
I have attended various Bible colleges and have done several secular courses and still learning online Part-time, and serving as a Missionary in our communities, no longer serving Specific Churches, but rather Serving our Communities Specifically both in Rural areas and Metropolitan areas for some Churches are very crooks!

I was once not connected with any group. How Ever I am now Connected with United Nations and also Connected Compassion Soul Winners Outreach International with United Nations both in Ghana and South Africa and very active in UN Online Events in South Africa.

We have appointed National Socio Economic Development and their Qualified Accountant Financial auditor who are working with Compassion Soul Winners Outreach International in South Africa Based on accountability Purposes.  Compassion Soul  Winners Outreach International  Provide report to them on Monthly Bases.

As a Head and CEO of Compassion Soul Winners Outreach International, I am at the moment working closely with the Signatories of the Organization as well as working with our Bank Accounts Managers at Standard Bank.

We aim to connect Compassion Soul Winners Outreach International with Supply Chain for export and import trading purposes that will help us to generate resources and revenue for our Projects which we are working on it effectively.
How ever we need Funding Initiative support to Finance the Donated Books, Shipment from USA to South Africa.

Personal effect logistic  Company have  already  done  an estimated of  the  Shipping   Cost from  USA to   South  Africa  with  amount  of  R300,00    for  the  Books  to  reach  our  storage for  Distribution.

National Socio Economic Development is working closely with Department of Social Development and SARS on behave of the Organization which we also need to pay them.

We need to pay our Staffs and website designer as well as  well as helping our vulnerable group.

There is power in Unity and where there is power, Change give its way for a positive growth and Sustainable Development! Would you love to Join us to support Compassion Soul Winners Outreach International Projects in South Africa? Then Contact us now!

I believe that it is only God who will determine the final destination of every Single Soul in this land of the living and at the Judgement day. As a leader, I make sure that we extend our help to all the Children and their Families we serve, irrespective of Religious believes, Gender, color, Educational background, age, Position and Geographical boundaries.

As the Head of and the CEO of Unique Compassion Soul Winning Foundation i will do the best i can in supporting all the good Ideas of Compassion Soul Winners Outreach International in Implementation to help make more impact in our,Communities.

You do not need any Prophet to tell you that some Children and their Families are suffering due to selfishness, wickedness and dream Killers .

Unique Compassion Soul Winners Outreach International will make Sure that all the dream Killers, dream destroyers, Pretenders, any Business Deception Network who may come on the way of Compassion Soul Winners Outreach International will be disconnected and disappeared from the Organization. We also believe that all those who Believe in the Mission of Compassion Soul Winners Outreach International and the Mission of our Stake Holders,  will stand with us to lead Change together to the Glory of God!

I am a Missionary and was born in Ghana in the year 1976. I have served various Churches as an Evangelist and Missionary from 1995 - 2007. I am at the moment leading Faith Base  NGO  and  NPO  Organizations  in Ghana and  South Africa  as President Since 2008 up till date. I Spend my days working with Families who are mostly in need.
 I have found out that Jesus did not establish any Church which i am going to elaborate it more latter.
 Does it mean that it is wrong to have Churches in the world? That is big No. How ever it is an Obligation of  every genuine Church to be involve in Social Change whiles we are still among the living but not among the death.
 If there are a Poverty , Sickness, Diseases, Accidents, wars, Natural Disaster Crime, lack of Education, lack of good drinking water, lack of food holding our Communities, It is Children and their Families who mostly get affected especially those who are mostly in need.

In my Outreach Mission, Since 1995 up till date, i met and listen to varieties of Children and their Families Stories right at their doweling places and realized that something need to be done about it.

Here are the following courses i have done:
Ministerial Studies from Gospel light Bible Institute, Accra Ghana.
-Shipping Management. Tema, Greater Accra Region
Philanthropy University USA, Online Courses
-Lean Startup Principles for Social Impact-Design Kit: Prototyping-

:UNIQUE COMPASSION SOUL WINING FOUNDATION is a faith based organization. It is the Foundation that help Girl Child Education , Support widows, Conflict resolution through Counseling. Youth Development, Gender Education and Safe Motherhood and Family Health Care. The Foundation Came out from Compassion Soul Winners Outreach International (NGO) to support Compassion Soul Winners Outreach International Communities Projects and  aiming to  help other  Organizations in  future,

Reaching the Lost and the destitute Children and their Families
.Promote Child Entrepreneurial Skills, Reaching Families who are mostly in need, Organize  counseling through Biblical based for Families among others, enhance better life. 
 connecting Compassion  Soul Winners Outreach International with Gift  Givers.

As Community Faith Based Organization, all that we know is that, if mountains removed to the sea, the Earth turn upside down and the sky fold like a mat and the whole world Turns against us, All that we Know is that love your nab our as yourself, irrespective of age groups, Educational Background, Co lour, Position, Geographical boundary, religious believes ect!

Are you in the position that can Provide good Education, good food, good Drinking water, clot hen, Shoes, job,  House, health care ect for yourself and Immediate Families? Then we encourage you to do the same things to an Extended Families who are mostly in need right in your Community where you are located and beyond.
You may not in that position, but there is something that you can do to help.
An examples as follows:- 
You can help with Creative Ideas, you can help in Kind, in words, in action, encouragement, Counseling , Skills Prayers and Funding.

We have found out in our research that when you tell black man in Africa that you are in Nonprofit Industry, they think that it is only white or Billionaires that must Do Nonprofit Job for the Societies , but we do not believe in that! And you can rely Identify this Mind set in Africa especially some people  in Ghana and South Africa.
All that  they care  are about themselves and their Immediate Families.

Since 2008 up to date many Children and their Families lives have been transformed by the Support of Francis Asomaning. Our President, our team members, individuals and some Companies from Ghana and from South Africa.

We have also noticed that some white and Blacks from local and International Communities see Social Services as a way of earning abundant in life even some Churches. Even if  you earn an Abundant in your Nonprofit Industries,you have to be accountable to the Communities for that. The work of NGO or NPO is a Voluntary Base work that those who have got Knowledge, Skills, Til lent or Funding, resources release them in Voluntary Bases for Social drive not for self Interest!!!

Do you know that the one you may help today may be your savoir tomorrow?
We have helped a lot of Children and their Families both in Ghana and South Africa Irrespective of race, color, Gender and Geographical location.

Unique Compassion, belief in the old proverb that, teach a man how to Fish but not supplying him with fish. Those who get help from Unique Compassion Soul Winning Foundation for temporal must be able to fend for themselves in Future. Unique Compassion Soul Wining Foundation Came Out from (Compassion Soul Winners Outreach International) as Non-Governmental and Nonprofit Organization.


In my outreach Mission, I have come across various religious leaders who are dream Killers and dream destroyers. Some appears as if they care about our Mission, but trust God, they are Mission Hijackers and Mission Killers. And some of them, when w e comes to deceptive Preaching, they are number one expect.
 We are Extremely carefully about some of the Religious leaders!!! even though it is their duty to help Societies through Nonprofit Organizations because, w e are the Middle Men that working right with Vol unable Families who are mostly in need.

The Challenges that societies are facing today need a Genuine hearts and the love of God to bring a real redemption to Humanity. It is not only Fasting and prayers and deliverance or what ever you may call it.
 We are Faith based Organization that believe in the word of God, Supernatural Power of God and also believe in the Natural power of God. God can use anything, anybody in this land of the living to accomplish his purpose on Earth. Even those that you may disrespect. Please do not curse me or Judge me my dear preacher for it is only God who determine the Final destination of every Single Soul in this land of the living!

There are concerted efforts being made by Francis, his team and Backers located in Ghana by empowering Families Entrepreneur Skills, their Education and health care.As well as providing them with the basic necessities they need to survive, Such as food Clo then, Shoes Blanket and Study Materials. There were also a conference and the list of events that the group has participated in both in Ghana and South Africa

Unique Compassion Soul Wining Foundation is forming Network Partnership Recruitment for Donors for the accomplishment of Compassion S soul Winners Outreach International Projects and also to help like Minded people to accomplish their Mission for a Common goal that is to a chief Sustainable Community Development.

In our Network or Partnership, Unique Compassion Soul Winning Foundation will not Practice any Discrimination . What does it mean?
For an example, we seek to Partner with large and  Mediuom Organizations, Foundation, Companies who may love to be our Donor Based on Agreement. How ever any one of them that may practice discrimination will be disconnected!

What about if all these Network fail:We believe that those who are intend to Sponsor us are our Audience, there are more audience out there both offline and online who may love to help and they are coming into their numbers!

With these good Mission with out the Support of local and International communities it cannot be possible.Thank God that through our emails Marketing  and  offline  Marketing  of Social C operate  responsibilities Campaign Network  that we are embarking, we believe  that it is drawing more  Audience  who  care about the  Mission and the Projects of  Compassion Soul Winners Outreach Intentional to  join the Gift Givers  Donors Team.

What is  the Specific Current  Vol unable group that  Compassion Soul Winners, is  helping :
They are  helping  Underprivileged  Children and  their Families.

Within the  Underprivileged  Family who  are  the  specifically   Persons we are currently helping:
We are helping  girl, boy Child and their Mothers  Caregivers.

What is the  meaning of Mother Care giver?:
. You may call them “Mom,” But those in the aging, disability, and long-term care world often call them “family caregivers.” This may include a young mother who is caring for a child with special needs. 

Compassion Soul Winners Outreach International believe that, every Child need good  food, good drinking water, good  accommodation, good Education, good moral life and their Gods given  Gifts, Talent, potential and  Skills  empowerment.
As well as  empowering the  Gifts, Talent, potential and  Skills  of their Mother Care Givers, through  Counseling, Conferences an Adult  Education  ect,

We  believe that, as  we  are  empowering  one  child  with an  above  Mentioned Gifts,  one  at a  time, we  are  empowering the future of an   entire  Family, empowering the future of our Community, our  Country, Nation  and  the  world  at  large.

We also  believe that as we  empowering  a Mother  Care  Giver,  one at a time,  we  are  empowering an  entire  Family, empowering our Community,  our Country, our  Nation and the world  at  large.

With these,  we  aim  to  transform 200  Families in  2020  and  2021.

  Gifts  Givers  Team for  Compassion  Soul  Winners Outreach  International.
  Compassion Soul Winning  Foundation  -  Is  helping  everyday Programs activities  and  Projects  as  well  as  supporting food  parcels to the  Families  who are mostly  in need one  at a time and  helping trauma   Counseling.
Compassion Soul Winners  Outreach International Team: Is  in the  Process  of  Coming  up  with a Program  that  can Support  Project.

Adonai Welding  Technology: Supported our  Mission trip  to South  Africa  a  with  Funding  both  in  2012 and  2019

Driver  training  Center. They  Supported  our  Mission trip  to South Africa in  their small way in 2019

National socio economic development.:  Is an  auditor for  Compassion  Soul Winners Outreach International
Time Save Express Ldt. Provided  us  a  Based  where we  are  Operating  from.
Beetus Bakers Family Group: IS Supporting with  Bread in daily Bases  in  supporting  our food  Parcel's  Program.
Monicor- Is  our Volunteer  Web Designer for  Compassion Soul Winners Outreach International
Site123:  Is  website  Platform  for   Unique  Compassion Soul  Wining Foundation
Government  Social workers: Are helping with  Connectivity. They Connected  us  with  Qualify  Auditor in  South   Africa. They  Booked  an appointment with  us  last week and  met  them  this  week last  Tuesday two days  ago, We did  an Introduction  and  Presentation of Compassion  Soul Winners Outreach  Intentional  Mission, Previous Projects  and  Current  Projects fort hey are new  Government Social  workers that were  connected  by the  Old  Government  Chief Social worker  Mr.  Thabo.

Individuals:  We shall give you  a list of  an  Individuals  who  are helping in their small way as  well

The  Children and their Care Givers we  are helping  Says, they  thank  all  the  above  Mentioned Gift  Givers  that  helping them through  Compassion  Soul Winners  Outreach  International. They  said, may the  Lord rewards  you  for  your great work!

International Prospective Partners:
Books  for  Africa:  
Have  Donated  40ft  Basic  English Books  to support  Compassion Soul Winners Outreach  International Projects  in  South  Africa. The  Shipment is  still  not  yet  be  done  from  USA  to   South  Africa due  to no  enough Funding  for  Compassion  Soul  Winners Outreach International  for Shipment.

United  Nation:
Have United  Nations Provided  any  Funding  for Compassion  Soul  Winners Outreach  International Projects both  in  Ghana  and  South  Africa? That is  BIG  NO!
Even  though  Compassion  Soul  Winners Outreach International were  participating  UN  Online  Virtual  Programs, but  not yet  come  across any  UN  Reliable  Organization of their  both  Local  and  International Organization  who  may  want  to  Partner  with   us  towards  UN  Sustainable  development goal. Please  do  not  be  deceived.

We recently sent an email to UN 75 which we are yet to find out such Organization and UNOPS, at United Nation Global Market place of Doing Business with UNOPS online course who wanted us to register for their Virtual Event We replied to them that All that we need at the moment are Funding or Product resources to help the people even though we are doing our best to help. Nothing else that we need at the moment. God have provided us an Ideas that are helping a lot.
People are facing tough time in this Pandemic Challenge We told them that we have joined UN Virtual Event with the save Programs over and over is like they are Matching time!

People are being Chase away from their apartment for they cant pay rent, for they have lost their Job.
Some of them, no enough food to eat, some cannot pay for their Hospital bills, Cannot pay for their Children School fees ect,
If there are UN Funding Institution that want to Provide Virtual Event that can lead to Funding resources, either Pay back the Same amount Social Funding resources, Interest rate small Funding resources or grant Funding resources.

We also welcome Logistic Business Contract or any Business network that can Generate income. These are the events that we need!

These is what our Organization need to Increase our Funding resources to help the people towards UN Development A gender..
Let me tell you the truth, without these. Any UN Virtual Event at the moment mean nothing to our Organization!

Compassion Soul Winners Outreach International, South Africa.

Supply  Chain  Network   for  Freight Fording Business, for  Donation  for   Compassion Soul  Owners Outreach International  Projects:

The  CEO  and  the  Head  of  Compassion  Soul Winners outreach International, Francis  Asomaning is a  Freight   Forwarder as  well  and   Connected with  Time  Saved  Express  Company Ldt  Purposely to  conduct  export  and  import  activities Business  with  them  from around  the  Globe  for  consignee.  Francis  is embarking advertisements both  online  and  offline  for  Clients. 

Francis knows  how  Covert19  Pandemic  Challenge  have  affected export  and  import  Business activities. Francis  Promise  the  world that  any  Consignee  from  any  where  around  the  world  that  may  love  to  offer  him a  Contract  for  Cargo  Handling  services, he is  willing  to  Offer a  huge discount for  the  Consignee as  his  Contribution to  tackle Covert19  Pandemic  Challenge!

He also promise  to  give  back some of  his Profit  to  the  Community.

Supply  Chain  for  Donations  or  Business  Network for Charity.
Unique  Compassion  Soul  Wining Foundation  and  Compassion Soul  Winners Outreach International are  ready  to  run  Supply   Chain Business  with  any  Suppler   from  around  the  world  for  Sales in  order  to  earn  income to  help  Children  and  and their  Families  who  are  mostly in  need as  our  Contribution to  tackle the  Covert19  Pandemic  Challenge.

Donations  Campaign:
The  Head  and the  CEO  of  the  both above  Mentioned  Organizations is Embarking  Social C operate responsibilities  Campaign both  online  and  offline for   Donations both  in  Kind  and in  Cash. He aim to  Connect  all  Donors  both  local  and  International with  Compassion Soul  Winners Outreach International Gift  Givers  Team Who may care the  mission.

Micro  Finance and Grant Providers  Business  Network:
Due to the  Covert19  Pandemic  Challenge.
Many  Companies  are  closed  and  some  both  Large, Medium and  small  Business are trying to  get up to their  feet  and some  are rely Struggling.
 Thousands of  Children  and  their  Families  have  lost their  Education and  their  Jobs for  their  Companies are closed. 

Unique Compassion  Soul Winners Outreach International is  Appealing to  Micro  Fiance Entities  and  Grant  Providers from around the  world to  connect  with  Compassion  Soul  Winners  Outreach International  to help  these  Businesses  who  are trying to  Stand  back to  their  feet in our  Communities.

Unique  Compassion  Soul  Winning Foundation will  make  Sure  that  any  pretender  Official Board member of  Compassion Soul Winners Outreach International. Any one  with a  Negative  Mindset that  will  Steal from the  Organization or  turn  against the  Organization  Mission  will  be  disconnected  and  disappeared  from  the  Organization according to the  Constitution!

Some one may ask why have  we  left  our  Country Ghana  to  help  South  Africa?
We believe that Every  Mission  have got  what is  call  Sense  of  Direction
The  Mission of  Compassion Soul  Winners Outreach International   was  directed  to  South  Africa  for  we  believe   that, here is where  we  may  improve our sense of direction, and  able to  connect with our surroundings audience from  North, South  East  and  West  of  Global  Communities in  working  together  and  transform  lives  both  in  South  Africa  and  Ghana  together.  How  ever  we  are  Focusing on South  Africa  Project at  the  moment and  surely will be  reflected back  to  Ghana  Projects  in a  due  time.

Compassion  Soul  Winners  Outreach International aims to extend our  Mission work  in  all  Africa Countries as  well as an  International  Communities to  torch lives in  Future.  

In  our  research  we  have  found out  that  South Africa may be  the  gate  way  of  Africa  Prosperity for as  well as  Global  Development for as  you  can  find almost  all  Mankind  around  the  world  in  South  Africa.

We  believe that as  we  help  South  Africa  Government and  other  Social  Entities  to transform  Families  who  are mostly in need  in   South  Africa, we  are  transforming the  Communities, the  Country, Nation and  the  world at  large.   we  are aware that there are other organizations  and  Government  Officials  in Kemp ton Park
which also help communities in a similar way but we also realities, they cannot get to all the families in need and therefore if there are more organizations helping out, it helps.

There is one of our Office Bearers who joined the Organization through our outreach Programs in 2015 which the Organization also were helping her Family with a food Parcels, Counseling and prayers right at their doweling place which still helping in our small way.

Even though the lady is working at the moment, who also is a Care Giver alone raising Seven Children in their small room where all these eight members of the Family dwells

The lady wanted to do a Nursery training course in 2015 that may help to bring an enlargement in her Family,but due to the load on her she could not do the course for no enough Funding.

Two days ago we took her to Government Social workers if there is a way they can assist. we found out that there is no Provisions from Government that can help meet her need at the moment. How ever they said they are going to do a research if there is an Other Organization or a Company that can assist.

We also found out that it is not Possibly for Government Social workers  or  entities  alone to reach all the Families in need in the  Communities  of  South  Africa.

Did Compassion Soul Winners Outreach International receive any  Funding from  South Africa Government  for  Our  Outreach  Mission  in  helping  South  Africans. 
Not  yet  received   any  Funding,  how  ever Government Social workers  helped  with  a  Based  where  Comsoulw  were  Operating from in  2014-2015. We  are in the process of  Connecting with  them    again  and  work  in  Coloration.

:In our Operation to help Children and heir Families who are mostly in need, all that we know is Helping to deal with Social Issues either Spiritual or Physical right there in their doweling places. We do not need to convert them to any religious faith before they can get help if they need it.

Public  declaration :Any Powers of Darkness, Any Church, any group, Any Organization, Governments Officials, any Company, Individuals ,  Enemies of Progress,  deceptive  and  pretenders Supporters   who are fighting against us and all our Network, we decree and declare that they are fighting against their own destinies in the mighty name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth and they will never succeed. All their evil intention against us will work together for our good. Their evil Shall overturn in multiples times if they do not repent in the mighty name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth we call it done!!!!!!! Amen and Amen !!!

Are  we  showing off to  the  world  what we  are doing to help  our  Communities:
That is  BIG  NO! We are working to  Change lives  to the  Glory of God. The  word, says it is  good  to do good, no  matter how small it  may be either in Kind or in  Cash, if  it is from a  Sincere heart it pleases  God.

We do not  show  off, there  are   lot that w e  have  done for Society that we  cannot  Mention them all,  how  ever we  create awareness for  the  world to see  what  is  happening in our  Community, what  we  are  doing to help,  w e  cannot  do  it  all and   it  is very important for  the  world to  Support  us, together we Change  lives  to the Glory of God.  

That is w e  are busy  embarking  Cooperate Social responsibilities Campaign both  offline and  Online .

You may check  some Photos   and  videos of  Compassion Soul  Winners Outreach International Previous activities  here:Previous Event

Any  update  you  will  see  on this  website  shall  be  update  here:Compassion  for we  are  working through  Compassion Soul  Winners Outreach International.

We may not be able to  Mention all your  Names, We would love to show our gratitude  and  appreciation to all  Volunteers who have  provided support, those  who are still doing in their  small  way and those  who  may intend to help Compassion  Soul  Winners  Outreach International  Mission and Project in South  Africa.

Previous Gift  Givers.
Francis  Asomaning
Compassion Soul Winners Outreach International team.
Adonai  Welding Teleology 
By his grace Chapel
Assemblies   of  God
Counter  Act  Holding  Group.
AFM  Greater  Kemp ton Park
Fresh to Go
Albany Bakeries 
Bread Basket

Your  Donations and  Gifts meant a  world to  us! We are  Hoping to connect  with  you  again,  together we shall  transform lives  to the Glory of God. 

We are in the Process  of  Connecting  Back with  Counter  act  Holding  group  to  implement their  Ideas  that  may help  in torching lives  in this  though  time  for  Children  and their  care Givers in  Kemp ton  Park  Community. 
Even  though it  not easy for them at the  moment dues to some  previous  Challenges  and  the  current  Covert19  Pandemic  Challenge.

Please it is very important to apply about three Payment Gateways for Donors to choose their Favorite payment Gateway and payment method they may apply to donate to our Community through the Organization.

1, Wiring transfer which we guess it is the best and Secure Payment Gateway. Please check the Donation page and donate to Compassion Soul Winners Outreach International Projects now!

2, Pay Fast is also Secure Payment Gate way.

How ever there is a need for us to connect with PayPal as well in future which may help our Funds Raising effort on their platform.

All  our  Network  are  require  Donors  who  may  want  to  Join  Compassion  Soul Winters  Outreach International Gifts Givers Team. Or those  who  want  to  run  Business with  us.

Please take note that all the virtual Event that Compassion Soul Winners outreach International have Participated both on UN System and various Event that we have Participated w e have never come across any reliable Organization, Company or Individuals who are reliable and care about our Mission and Projects including UN Global Compact, we are trying to find a way how w e can delete our page from their network for they are not reliable!
Please do not be deceived!

They are not reliable for in our email corresponding with them both their International and Local Network especiary their Local Network. How do you participate in a Program that they do not want to responds to your corresponding for about four Three Months now. How do you network with such Organization? Network without an Effective Communication is not accepted in Nonprofit Industry and the Society!

The list of our   Current  Active   Office  Bearers,  Unconnected  Board members      and volunteers who  care  about our Mission  and  Projects are  as  follows:

Francis Asoamning
Mr. Gregory and the wife Mr.s Gladyece,
Brother Mabizela Teboho,
Madam Lucia
Madam Mavis

An above Mentioned list are our Current Active Board Members of Compassion Soul Winners Outreach International
Please do not be decieved by anyone. Please do not follow any information's about Compassion Soul Winners outreach International we have got no Idea, keep up vising our website here in regular Bases and here: https://compsoulw.net/


1, Free Trauma Counseling for Children and their Care Givers who are mostly in need through Biblical Based.

Why  Trauma Counseling?:
  • Helping those we serve   to understand their  coping mechanisms;
  • Validate  their  feelings and emotions;
  • Stop using suppression and avoidance as a form of defense;
  • Helping them   to make sense of what has happened to  them and inculcating in  them  the message  hope
  • Integrate the event meaningfully into  their lives.
  • Granting them hope  and Begin to live in the present rather than constantly being retriggered by the past

2, Food Pace ls Distribution to the Children and their care givers one at a time

Why food Pace ls Distribution?;
It is helping to reduce Hanger,
Diseases ect. in the society

3, Our  near  Future  Programs

Individuals  women Farms empowerment.
Will help for food Security and enlargement to create Financial Freedom to Children and their care givers.

Accommodation  Support:
why do we aim to support Accommodation cost for those in mostly in need?
To help and reduce Homeless in the Societies

Books  Supply and distribution to  Children  and their care givers:

Will help to empower Child education

An above Mentioned Programs are empowering and will impact Children and their care givers one at a time in their dueling places.


1, Free Trauma Counseling for Children and their Care Givers who are mostly in need through Biblical Based.

Why  Trauma Counseling?:
  • Helping those we serve   to understand their  coping mechanisms;
  • Validate  their  feelings and emotions;
  • Stop using suppression and avoidance as a form of defense;
  • Helping them   to make sense of what has happened to  them and inculcating in  them  the message  hope
  • Integrate the event meaningfully into  their lives.
  • Granting them hope  and Begin to live in the present rather than constantly being retriggered by the past
2, Food Pace ls Distribution to the Children and their care givers one at a time

Why food Pace ls Distribution?;
It is helping to reduce Hanger,
Diseases ect. in the society

3, Our  near  Future  Programs

Individuals  women Farms empowerment.
Will help for food Security and enlargement to create Financial Freedom to Children and their care givers.

Accommodation  Support:
why do we aim to support Accommodation cost for those in mostly in need?
To help and reduce Homeless in the Societies

Books  Supply and distribution to  Children  and their care givers:

Will help to empower Child education

An above Mentioned Programs will impact Children and their care givers one at a time in their dueling places.


“The greatest danger to our future is apathy …” Jane Goodall, Environmentalist:

“The greatest danger to our future is apathy …” Jane Goodall, Environmentalist: Africa today is facing an unprecedented breakdown in the structured family life as we have known it, caused by poverty and "modernization". This situation is real and is a clear and present danger to our defined social order. Introduction Due to the increasing poverty and modernization, structured family patterns in Africa are undergoing definitive changes. Because of breakdown in family units, vulnerable youths and children are finding themselves on the metropolitan cities, without any support structure, making them susceptible to a plethora of social ills, including drug/alcohol addiction, AIDS/HIV infection and lack of basic education/ life skills. This toxic cocktail makes them ill-equipped to deal with the rest of society and puts them on a slippery path, to criminality, making them non-productive members of society. Continuous exposure to such ills, makes it almost impossible for them to escape out of this system, once they are sucked into it. Africa due to its historic position of being a “developing” continent is most vulnerable to the problem of destitution. Already it is has been noted with alarm that besides criminality, non-functional members of society drawn from Families who are Mostly in need. create and perpetuate a culture of dependency, ultimately costing the Government billions in missed opportunities and rehabilitative efforts. Africa due to its poverty and at times apathy from central government has been vulnerable to the effects of increased destitution on the populace. The developed nations have been at the forefront of complicity in destroying the societal fabric by bringing in development, that at times was not matched with the requisite education, leaving societies to negotiate through the labyrinth of new found affluence without the necessary "skills" to handle the side effects e.g. easier access to drugs and alcohol, thus leading to family breakdowns. Unique Compassion Soul Winning Foundation, Compassion Soul Winners Outreach International endeavors to lobby the African government, politicians, churches and communities to focus on the issue of reducing the number of vulnerable children and youths and women on the street. Africa by virtue of being the most Naturalized country on the continent must take the lead. Unique Compassion, Compassion Soul Winners to build partnerships between Individuals Volunteers, groups and Communities dealt with what Causes of Destitute Families. The increased incident of homeless street children arises from among others: *Financial stress through increasing poverty levels in the communities. *Breakdown of the family structure through moral decay *The ease with which illicit drugs and alcohol are getting to the youths. There are approximately more than a million street kids in South Africa at the moment and it is projected that these will double to over three million in ten years. Clearly this cannot be allowed to spiral unchecked, as the cost in human and capital terms can wreck havoc on the African economy. What are the options? The world must act now and act decisively! Worldwide governments might consider this an African problem, but unfortunately with the world now a global village, immigration trends have amply demonstrated that the incident of legal and illegal migration will feature strongly and cost the developed countries millions in the ficus each year as mobile nationals escape the perceived ills in their countries to go to greener pastures. African governments must wake up to the domestic crisis in Families. *Central government must explore ways to provide more sustainable social welfare assistance that will protect the vulnerable in society with the Charity and Community Organization. *Local governments must compliment government by putting into place legislature that makes it easier for example, for private initiatives to establish "places of safety", among other initiatives. Families halfway home” should be given explicit support. This will see homes established and enjoying official support in the form of "tax-breaks", among other incentives. *Churches must take a lead in re-establishing the moral fib re of the nation i.e. churches through regular sermons and outreach programs must reach out to vulnerable Families to inculcate in them the message of hope through the word of God. Not only that, it is through that, with prayers and righteousness Nations are built, but if the Church reject the Sacrificial work of God in order to Sacrifice their lives in order to help others Physically, then their faith will amount nothing. Because the Spiritual things belong to God and the things seen belong to men. *There is a need for more aggressive community involvement in tackling social ills on a day-to-day basis like, Jobless drug and alcohol abuse, under-age sexual exploitation, school drop outs and truancy and other social ills be-devilling the community. *Local governments must be more pro-active in their support for social initiatives to tackle these social problems, by putting into law measures that will make it easier to establish and run a sustainable charity enterprise Not self Enterprise only. We recently trying to Establish books distribution office with the help of one of our Inter National net Work. We visited Social ware fare Office to require how they may help us to get Social wafer e Certificate for a smooth Operation as an NGO to assist Families who are mostly in need in Ghana and we found out that they do not care about their own people who are mostly in need. instead of Medias must talk about Social services in our Communities to engage Community members to help for Social Change, some of them are rather promoting sexual Music, movies immoral activities, and they comes back to blame Government, Organizations and some Churches regarding Families decay. Unique Compassion Soul Winners and Compassion Soul Winners aim to proceed and conduct Programs with all our Network, To Keep Children Off The Streets to stay together with their Families. Various initiatives will be instituted to educate and make the children/youths aware of the dangers of keeping on the streets. These initiatives will be in many forms, but will aim to make it attractive for children to choose safety to "freedom". .Teaching/ Counseling For the Vulnerable The program will ensure that a Counselor is always available for the vulnerable to counsel and guide them, so that they may become morally upright and not be easily swept back into their former life. Parents or the general community will be encouraged to participate in the re-rehabilitation of the street kids, their Families and offer them moral support. All teaching will have a strong Godly ethos and Psychologist expect. .Feeding Schemes: The program will continue to afford feeding schemes for some vulnerable children who are not in the program, be they within a family group or be they in the street. This will decrease the incident of those within dis-advantaged families dropping into the street. The ones on the streets might decide to join the program after inter-acting with the "feeders". Networking: The program will network with similar initiatives Volunteers and other welfare Volunteer to create a strong community of welfare and health care. .Fund Raising: The program will as a necessity, run sustainable fund raising programs to establish it firmly with our Network .Prayer Meetings: As Faith Based organization that works very closely and in partnership with an International and local Communities, the Board members will meet once in the month or twice, Interceding for all. As well as Connecting with a Genuine Churches for their Prayer support. We are at the moment helping Children and their families who are mostly in need at a time in the area of Feeding, Child entrepreneurs skills empowerment and their Families. We aim to touch the lives others who are most;y in need in 2019 and 2020 Towards Sustainable goal.


Unique Compassion Soul Wining Foundation.

Accountability is one of the Policies of the Foundation for Social en devour towards the UN Sustainable and Communities development goal OUR ANNUAL AUDITED REPORTS ARE DONE WITH REGISTRAR GENERAL IN ACCRA , GHANA. United Nations Unies: NON-GOVERNMENTAL ORGANIZATIONS BRANCH OFFICE OF INTERGOVERNMENTAL SUPPORT AND COORDINATION FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT 25th Floor Secretariat Building, United Nations, New York, N.Y. 10017 Telephone: (212) 963-8652; Fax: (212) 963-9248 Website: www.un.org/ecosoc/ngo Contact: www.un.org/ecosoc/ngo/contact 18 June 2019 We are now on wards UN NGOs Representative in Ghana and even in abroad. The decision of the Economic and Social Council: We are pleased to inform the world that the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) at its Coordination and management meeting of 6 June 2019 adopted the recommendation of the Committee on Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) to grant special consultative status to our organization, Compassion Soul Winners Outreach International/ Unique Compassion Soul Wining Foundation. We accept their heartfelt congratulations! Consultative status for our organization enables us to actively engage with ECOSOC and its subsidiary bodies, as well as with the United Nations Secretariat, programmes, funds and agencies in a number of ways. In order to better understand this relationship, we take this opportunity to provide some critical information about the privileges that consultative status with ECOSOC confers on our organization, as well as the obligations that our organization will be required to meet under this relationship. A. Privileges and benefits of consultative status : Arrangements for consultations with NGOs are regulated by ECOSOC resolution 1996/31, adopted by the Council on 25 July 1996. We have revealed the details that provides information on ways to participate in the work of the Council, including opportunities to organizations such as ours to consult with Member States and the United Nations system at large, based on the nature and scope of work that our organization undertakes. Consultative relationship with NGOs also enables the Council or one of its bodies to seek expert information or advice from organizations with special competence in a subject matter. 2) Attendance at meetings and access to the United Nations: Our status now entitles us to designate official representatives to the United Nations Headquarters in New York and the United Nations offices in Geneva and Vienna. Our representatives will be able to register for and participate in events, conferences and activities of the United Nations, and organizations in general and special consultative status may designate authorized representatives to sit as observers at public meetings of ECOSOC and its subsidiary bodies, the Human Rights Council and, under certain conditions, the General Assembly and other United Nations intergovernmental bodies. These arrangements may be supplemented to include other means of participation. To ensure your participation. 3) Written statements at ECOSOC  Organizations in general and special consultative status are able to submit written statements relevant to the work of the Council on subjects in which these organizations have a special competence. These statements may be circulated by the Secretary-General of the United Nations to the members of the Council.  Requirements regarding the submission and circulation of written statements are elaborated in resolution 1996/31. They include, but are not limited to, the following: (a) Written statements shall be submitted in one of the two working languages of the United Nations (English or French). (b) They shall be submitted within the time period indicated prior to the Council’s meeting each year in order to allow appropriate consultations between the Secretary-General and the organization before circulation; (c) Written statements from organizations in general consultative status are limited to a maximum of 2,000 words; (d) Written statements from organizations in special consultative status are limited to a maximum of 500 words; 4) Oral presentations at ECOSOC  Requirements for oral statements include, but are not limited to, the following: (a) The Committee on Non-Governmental Organizations makes recommendations to the Council about which organizations in general and special consultative status should make an oral presentation to the Council, as well as the items on which they should be heard. Such organizations are entitled to make one statement to the Council, subject to the approval of the Council; 5) Consultations with ECOSOC and its subsidiary bodies  Commissions and other subsidiary bodies of ECOSOC may consult with NGOs in general and special status; and such consultations may be arranged at the request of the NGO;  A commission of ECOSOC may recommend that an NGO with special competence in a particular field undertake studies or investigations, or prepare papers for the commission;  NGOs shall be able to consult officers of the appropriate offices of the Secretariat on matters of mutual interest or concern. Such consultation shall be at the request of the NGO or the Secretary-General;  The Secretary-General may request organizations in consultative status to carry out studies or prepare papers. 6) Use of United Nations facilities The Secretary-General is authorized to offer United Nations facilities to NGOs in consultative status, including:  accommodation for conferences or smaller meetings related to the work of ECOSOC, as available and under the conditions set at each UN Office; 4  appropriate seating arrangements and facilities for obtaining documents during public meetings of the General Assembly that deal with matters in the economic and social and related fields;  arrangement of informal discussions on matters of special interest to groups or organizations;  access to United Nations press documentation services;  prompt and efficient distribution of documents related to ECOSOC and its subsidiary bodies as the Secretary-General deems appropriate;  use of United Nations libraries. For information on United Nations events opened to NGOs with consultative status, please consult our booklet “Working with ECOSOC: an NGO Guide to consultative status” available on our website in several languages at: http://csonet.org/index.php?menu=134 B. Responsibilities and obligations of NGOs in consultative status 1) Quadrennial reports  Organizations in general and special consultative status are required to submit a report on the activities of their organizations in support of the work of ECOSOC and the United Nations once every four years, known as quadrennial reports, as per ECOSOC resolution 1996/31. This requirement is reinforced through ECOCOC resolution 2008/4 on “Measures to improve the quadrennial reporting procedures.” In keeping with these requirements, your organization will be required to submit its first report for the 2019-2022 period by no later than 1 June 2023 for review by the Committee on NGOs. Please download and carefully follow the guidelines for the submission of these reports on the NGO Branch website at: http://csonet.org/?menu=85  In the intervening periods between the submission of quadrennial reports, organizations are advised to keep detailed records of participation in United Nations meetings and events, as well as cooperation with United Nations funds and agencies for inclusion in subsequent reports. 2) Suspension and withdrawal of consultative status  As per resolution 2008/4, if an NGO fails to submit its quadrennial report by the due date of 1 June, following three reminders after the initial due date, the Committee on NGOs shall recommend immediate suspension of consultative status for the organization the following year for a period of one year.  According to the same ECOSOC resolution 2008/4, NGOs whose consultative status has been suspended due to an outstanding quadrennial report will be required to submit the report within the period of suspension in order for the 5 Committee on NGOs to consider, take note of the report and recommend reinstatement of consultative status.  If, however, an NGO fails to submit the report within the stipulated period, the Committee on NGOs shall recommend to the Economic and Social Council the immediate withdrawal of consultative status. Once consultative status has been withdrawn by the Council, the NGO will no longer be entitled to the benefits and privileges of the relationship.  The organization concerned will be entitled to re-apply for consultative status only after a period of three years, following the effective date of withdrawal of status.  Additionally, consultative status of NGOs can be suspended for up to three years or withdrawn by the decision of the Economic and Social Council on the recommendation of its Committee on Non- Governmental Organizations in the following cases: (a) If an organization, either directly or through its affiliates or representatives acting on its behalf, clearly abuses its status by engaging in a pattern of acts contrary to the purposes and principles of the Charter of the United Nations including unsubstantiated or politically motivated acts against Member States of the United Nations incompatible with those purposes and principles; (b) If there exists substantiated evidence of influence from proceeds resulting from internationally recognized criminal activities such as the illicit drugs trade, money-laundering or the illegal arms trade; (c) If, within the preceding three years, an organization did not make any positive or effective contribution to the work of the United Nations and, in particular, of the Council or its commissions or other subsidiary organs. Strict prohibitions against misrepresentation of consultative status  NGOs in consultative status are NOT considered part of the United Nations system. As such, they are not representatives or staff of the United Nations, nor are they authorized to enter into business arrangements on behalf of the United Nations or misuse the United Nations’ name or logo for endorsement of an organization’s activities in any way. Furthermore, consultative status does not entitle NGOs any privileges such as tax exemptions, diplomatic passports, travel privileges, etc.  NGOs in consultative status are forbidden to use the United Nations logo on their stationery, business cards, websites, meeting banners, cars, office buildings, etc. Misrepresentation of consultative relationship can result in adverse consequences for your organization, including suspension or withdrawal of status. 6 If the organization wishes to display consultative status on its letterhead, the following statement can be included below the name of the organization: “Organization in (Category of consultative status) with the Economic and Social Council since (year status granted). Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We welcome the opportunity to work with you and will be happy to facilitate your participation in the work of the United Nations, in particular ECOSOC and its subsidiary bodies, in the future. Yours sincerely, Marc-André Dorel Acting Chief, NGO Branch Office of Intergovernmental Support and Coordination for Sustainable Development . Yours sincerely, Marc-André Dorel Acting Chief, NGO Branch Office of Intergovernmental Support and Coordination for Sustainable Development Department of Economic and Social Affairs If you read the above mention information careful, It is all about Participating in UN Programs and also working with UN Organization and Non-UN Entities who will help us to promote UN Sustainable goal . And also to be accountable to UN on very 4 years. The Consultative status was give to Compassion Soul Winners Outreach International in Ghana. How ever The Leadership, told UN NGO branch that there is a need for them to come to South Africa and re-left to our Past Projects in South Africa for Social C operate Social Responsibilities Purposes. That is why the team of Unique Compassion soul Winning Foundation and the leadership are in Mission trip for Compassion Soul Winners Outreach International in South Africa. Our Head Francis Asomaning recently Connect the Organization with UN Global Compact for Network Purposes, UN Global Compact asked us to Contact their local Network in South Africa for them to let us know how we can participate in UN Global Com act in Country level in South Africa. for the past two weeks now no reply from their Local Network in South Africa. Does it mean we cannot proceed our Network campaign? that is big no, We are busy embarking Network Campaign both online and offline hat can help us to meet our needs. Are you interested to partner with us then Contact us in South Africa now! Due to Our Mission trip for CSWOI Trip in South Africa the Compassion Soul Winners Outreach International Projects in Ghana is in active at the moment so do not let anyone deceive you like this online crook Organization : https://www.universalgiving.org/volunteer.do?receiverId=11121&targetPage=healthcarevolunteeroport/id11121

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Compassion Soul Winners Outreach International previous project in Ghana:We are Faith Base Organization that believe in the word of God, we Share the word of God with the Families we serve. We take them through Counseling through Biblical Base for Human salvation. It is also our Contribution to a Moral Fib ire in the Society. We are at the Moment Supporting Compassion Soul Winners Outreach International Cooperate Social responsibility Campaign.

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Donation Amount


  • 22 Beaufighter Street, Rhodesfield, Kempton Park, 1619
  • You can also find us at: 12 vottrekker street, Kemp ton park, Telephone: 11970 1556

You will Find us at the below address Or Can Finds us at: SOP NO 6, 12 VOTREKKER STREET, KEMP TON PARK 1619. Tel: 011 970 1556


Seeking for  Right   Sponsors Or Volunteers.

We are Seeking for a Potential and right Sponsors who wish to Support Social progress through the Organization.

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Why do  you want  to  kill  my  dream?

If you do not stop what you are doing, i belt you in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, These Children are going to grow in pain, agony dis trees and one day you may be regret!

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  •  11/13/2018 04:53 PM

We are still Supporting the Children and their Families paying their Extra classes Fees. We shall continues to help them tiil they Finish thier SHS.


Love your Nab our as yourself.

Current Projects of Compassion Soul Winners Outreach International in South Africa

You can also change the title listed above and add new blog articles as well.

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  • 22 Beaufighter Street, Rhodesfield, Kempton Park, 1619
  • You can also find us at: 12 vottrekker street, Kemp ton park, Telephone: 11970 1556

You can also find us at: 12 vottrekker street, Kemp ton park, Telephone: 11970 1556


  • 22 Beaufighter Street, Rhodesfield, Kempton Park, 1619
  • You can also find us at: 12 vottrekker street, Kemp ton park, Telephone: 11970 1556



This Photo was taken at the Time Save Express Company Ltd Office.The Direct, Mr. Gregory and his wife, The Volunteer of the Organization Has Offered us a Based where we are operating from together with Compassion Soul Winners Outreach International. Mr. Gregory has Given Mr. Francis Asomaning an Opportunity to work with his Company as he receive any Contract of Freight Forwarding Business. Do you have any Cargo that want to Import or export from one Country to another, then Contact us now. You Can Contact Francis Asomaning on +27685444085 Or email him on francis@compsoulw.net. You will get a huge discount for Handling Charges.

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Compassion  Soul  Winners   Outreach Internationale  Homepage.

We are Calling Global Community members who may care about our Mission and Projects to donate to our Projects now Please Donate to Compassion Soul Winners Outreach International here now: Please you are welcome to Donate to Compassion Soul Winners Outreach International in South Africa Project here: Bank Details: Bank Name: Standard Bank Legal Entity Name: Compassion Soul Winners Outreach International Name of Account Holder: Compassion Soul Winners Outreach International Account Number: Registration of Identity: 116-480 A: 10130524598 Account type: Business Current account. Branch: Kempton Park Branch code: 012442 SWIFT Address: SBZA ZA JJ Country: South Africa

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