Unique Compassion Soul Winning Foundation, we are Nonprofit and Nongovernmental Organization that support child education, health care and the families who are mostly in need.

We are based at Greater Accra and Tema. As you may Know , Tema and Accra, Or Greater Accra Region are Good places for Business for Social impact! If you are a Global Micro Finance, Grant Provider that really looking for Global Economics Empowerment, you are at the right place to partner with us to serve Children and their Families who are mostly in need with your Funding resources. We promise you that you would never regret!


About About About
I am Francis  Asomaning  the   leader of  (Unique  Compassion  Soul  Wining  Foundation)   I am not affiliated with any Church, but working Specifically for   Our  Communities.
If you  are looking  for a  person and his group   who are  working  to help  for  real  Change  in our  Dying  Societies,  then  you've  come   to the right   place!

I  am a  Missionary  and was born in Ghana in the year 1976. I am leading Faith Base Nonprofit Organization in Ghana  as  President. I Spend my days working with Families who are mostly in need. Take  note  that,  the  Positive  Change  that  we  are  all  looking  for  in  our  dying  Societies  must  start   from  Families  who  are  Mostly  in  need.

I have attended various Bible colleges and have done several secular courses and  still  learning  and serving   as a Missionary  in our communities. I believe that it is only God who will  determine the final destination of every Single  Soul  in  this  land of the living  and at  the Judgement day.  As a leader of the  FOUNDATION  ,  i make sure that we extend our  help to all  the Families we serve.

UNIQUE COMPASSION SOUL WINING  FOUNDATION  is a faith based organization.   it  is  the Foundation  that promote  Health   Care of  Families  who  are  mostly  in need.  Girl  Child  Education , Support  widows, Conflict resolution  through   Counseling. Youth  Development,  Gender  Education and  Safe  Motherhood.

Reaching the  Lost  and  the destitute  Families.
Promote  Child  Entrepreneurial  Skills,  Reaching  Families  who  are  mostly  in  need,  Organize Driving Skills  and  counseling through  Biblical  based for Families  among others  enhance better  life.  Educating Drivers  with  Drivers  Union for  Road  Safety.

We  are  Faith  Base  Foundation   that  concern  Families  who  are  mostly in  need.

We  are  Separate  Entity  that  does  not  affiliated  with  any  group  or a  Church.
 We are not affiliated with  neither  Convert  the Families  we  serve  to  any
 Specific  religious  Faith.

 As  Community Faith  Based  Organization,  all  that we know  is  that,  if  mountains removed to  the  sea,  the  Earth turn upside  down  and  the  sky  fold  like  a  mat  and  the  whole  world  Turns   against  us,   All  that  w e are  saying  is  that  love  your  nab our  as  yourself,  irrespective  of  age groups,  Educational  Background, Co lour,  Position, Geographical  boundary, religious  believes ect.

Are  you  in the  position  that  can  Provide  good  Education, good  food,  good  Drinking water,  clot hen,  Shoes, job,  building,  health care  ect  for  yourself  and  Immediate  Families?  Then  we encourage  you  to  do  the same things   to an  Extended Families  who  are  mostly  in  need  right in  your  Community  where  you  are  located  and  beyond  if you  are  in  the  position  to  do that!

You  may  not  in  that  position, but there is  something that  you  can  do  to  help.  An  examples  as  follows:

- You  can  help with Creative  Ideas, you  can help  in  Kind, in  words, in  action,  encouragement,  Counseling ,  Skills  and  Prayers.

We  have  found  out  in  our  research   that   when  you  tell  black  man  in  Africa  that  you  are in  Nonprofit  Industry,   they  think   that  it  is  only  white  or Billionaires  that  must  Do  Nonprofit    Job   for  the  Societies ,  but  we  do not  believe  in that!

I  have  seen  Volunteers  who been  Sponsored By  Others ,   torching  lives  in hinterland   where  there  is  no  hope with  their Skills  and inculcate  in  them hope  and  better  life, where  some  of  the  Billionaires  may  not have  time  to do  that.

Join  us  here  now  and lets  affects  Destinies  together  with  your Skills  or  resources!  

Our main  Mission  is not  run  a Church,  but  to  help  and  make  impact in our dying  Societies  through  the following  Objectives:

-Regulation of the   activities of providing health care,  Education,  cultural  Services,

Why these Objectives?

Our assistance is purely humanitarian and unconditional. We assist irrespective of race, religion, co lour, class, political affiliation or geographical boundary. We are entirely neutral in our approach   in  the  Families in  need especially Children,  youth  and  women.


Do  you know  how  we  understand the  word  love  your  nab our a s  yourself?
It  means  that, if  you  see  your  nabour as  a  Failure, as a  poor, as a Sick, as  a  Homeless  and  you  do  not  care  about  what   you  can  do  to  help  then  you  do  not  care  about  your  own  life!

Do you  know  that  the  one  you  may  help  today  may be  your  savoir  tomorrow?  
We  have  helped  a  lot of  Children and  their  Families  both in  Ghana and  South  Africa  Inrespwctive  of  race,  colour,   Gender and  Geographical  location.

 During our Outreach programs we come across the following Issues that Families face:
Lack of  Education
Teenage pregnancy.
Women and men abused
Drag abused,
Domestic Violence
Prime  Mature death through  accident, Sickness, Diseases, Stress  and  Natural  disaster.  

We  provide the Family  Self Entrepreneur  in a  small  scale for  the Families to  Generate  income  for themselves  that  will  help  their  Children  Education.

Compassion  Soul  Winners  Outreach International  belief in the  old proverb  that,  teach a  man  how  to Fish but not supplying him with fish. Those  who  get  help from  Compassion  Soul  Winners  Outreach  International  for  temporal must  be able  to fend  for  themselves  in  Future.

There are concerted efforts being made by Francis,  his  team and  Backers located in Ghana by empowering Families  Entrepreneur Skills,  their Education AND  health care.

As well as providing them with the basic necessities they need to survive,   Such as food Clo then, Shoes  Blanker and  Study Materials. There were  also a conference and the list of events that the group has participated in both  in  Ghana  and  South  Africa

Compassion  Soul  Winners  is  forming  Network  Partnership  Recruitment   for  the  accomplishment of  our Projects  and  also  to  help   like  Minded  people  to accomplish their  Mission  for  a   Common  goal  that is to    a chief  Sustainable  Community  Development.

In our Network,   Compassion Soul  Winners,  will  not  Practice any Discrimination . What  does it  mean?
For an example,  we  are in  the  Process  of Connecting with  both large and  small  Organizations , how  ever  any  one  of them  who  may love  to  Finish the processing with  us  in time may be  given  an  Opportunity to   lead  our  projects  if they  wish.

Volunteer  Platforms:
Any Volunteer  Platform  that  may  also  help  us  with  an  Volunteers Organizations,  Individuals,  group who  may  love  to  Sponsor  us  are also  welcome:

What  about if all  these Network fail:
We believe  that those  who  are  intend to  Sponsor  us are  our Audience,  there are  more  audience  out  there  who  may love  to help and  they are  coming into  their numbers!
With these  good   Mission   with out the  Support  of  local  and  International  Volunteers   teachers and   Donors,  it  will be  ridicule  to  accomplish  this project.

We  are  still  reaching  both  local  and  International   Communities  for  their  Support.

Thank  God  for  Board  of  Directors,  First  Fruit School and  some  of  International  Organizations  who  are  wiling  to help!

You  can   donate    both  in  Cash  and  in   Kind  such  as   Study  Materials,  Computers  for the  students, Funding  resources  that  would  help with Funding  to  support  Volunteers  teachers .
We  believe   that  we have got  an  audience  out  there  who  will  love  to   help.

We  are going  to  apply  for  Grant,  Scholarship and Sponsorship  from   various  Institutions,  Organizations  and  Foundations  who may  love  to  assist  us  and  any  one  of  them  who  may  love  to  assist  us  for  a  Successful   application  to  get  Scholarship,  Grant  or  Sponsors, may  be  Offered a  leadership  Volunteer Opportunity  to  lead  all  our  projects  in the Social Sector,  if  they  may  wish  to  do  that and  also  to  assist  Skills  Empowerment.

Please take  note  that  we  do not run  School,  how  ever  w e  help  to  Empower  Child  Entrepreneurial Skills.

 Volunteers  Teachers from  the local  and  International  Communities  are   welcome  to  help,  Both  International  and  local  Communities  are  welcome  for  a  visit  or  to    donate   either  in  Kind  or  in  Cash  to  support  such  a  wonderful   project.

Network  Extension:
As  young  Organization, we are  already  reaching  various   local  and International  Institutions,  Foundations,  Companies  and   Organizations  who may  love  to  assist  us  with  Full  Funded  Grant  or  Scholarship  which   would  help  to  enhance  our  projects    in  the Social  sector.

Network  Recruitment:
We  are  in the  progress  of  Recruiting  Filiescoa  Driving  School located  in  Accra  Ghana,  in helping  us  to  Empower  youth  with  Driving  Skills   and  also  to  Educate  drivers for  Safety Road  transport. It will  help  to  reduce  the  high  level of road  accident that  is O caring  almost  every  week. We Shall  also  Educate them  for health  care.

Objective  Projects:
In  our  Catchment  areas  at rural  areas,  w e aim  to  Establish Agriculture  projects  with  the Families we  serve  that  would help  for  food  Production, food Security  that  would  help  to reduce  hunger and promote  Economic Empowerment.

Why  these   Projects?:
 Is  to  Save   families  lives for  Sustainable and  Community  Development

Our  Network Recruitment extend  to International  Either  large  or  small  Organizations,  Companies,  Institutions  and  Foundations  who  may  love  to be  part  of  these  movement.
At  the  moment,  we are  Co responding  with  Network  application  with  various  Organizations  to  Find  out  which  one  of  them  will  help  all  and  a chief  a  Common  goal.

Are  you wondering  how  you  can  help?
Please  do  not let anybody deceive  you!  If you   would  love  to  be  our  donor  and  donate  CASH  in  regular  BASIS  OR  Once,  please  Check  our  Donation  page you  will  find  out  Trusted  and  Secure  Offline  payment  gateway   that  you  can  use  for  wiring trans fare  Direct  to  our   Communities  through   the  Foundation.

You  are  also  welcome  to  Help  in  Kind  especially  if  you  want  to  help  product  Donations  in   Ocean freight  Container .All  that  w e  shall  need  from  you  is  Ship  the container  form  the  Origin e  to  Tema  port and  leave  the  rest  for  us!

You  are  welcome  to  run Nonprofit  business transation  with  us  for  a  positive   Change

Volunteers  are  welcome  in what  ever  good  way  they would  love  to  help.

Further Explanation of our Current projects: Our Current Projects Focuses on Empowering Child Skills Entrepreneurial and their Families. We joined Good deeds day Event in order to do good to help community development and Social Impact. After School Classes that Benefiting Children who does not go to School at all, to help School drop out and also to help and enhance an Education of those who are already in School is in active at the moment. Those who were registered in their dwelling places are taken to the after Schools Classes that aiming to put all in Schools. Unique Compassion Soul Winning Foundation, we are Nonprofit and Nongovernmental Organization that support child education, health care and the families who are mostly in need. We are based at Sapperman, Nsawam Road, Ga West Municipality and Tema Community one (1) We are registered NGO with registration number CG046492018 with the registrar General Department Accra. In our outreach programs we found out that there are some families who are not doing well at all. Some widows are not working and there are school dropout from private school for they cannot pay fees and buy books. Some of the government school children cannot even pay for their exams fees and books, that is where Unique Compassion has come in to help these under privilege to achieve their educational purposes at Ga West Municipality and Tema Community one We are aiming at reflecting to our past to help Refugees Children a s well to empower Child Education in the Future. The Team of Unique Compassion Soul Wining Foundation is Contributing our best to help an education of the Children who are mostly in need by giving the teachers some small allowance that Will motivate them to do more for the Children at the end of every Four Weeks. Even though It is hard to get an access to Funding or donors for Charity projects in Ghana, but we are doing our best to help out of love.. . We are happy to tell you that; we need your assistant to assist us in Cash Donations or provide us Grant that will support us in clearing our Donated books to be ship from Uk to Tema Port by our Prospective Partner. We need your Support that can help for Documentation, processing fees, both transport, Clearing and Port Charges. We have also written to Ghana Education Services Directory for their assistance Please We need your Donation Contribution that can really mean a world to us with your caring heart! We believe that we have got more audience out there. who may love to help. We are reaching Companies and Individuals for their Support.. You are Free to contact us . We have got another network that love to partner with us for Shoes and Cloth distribution for the families who are mostly in need. Since they are not working in Ghana at the moment they want us to join their team for trip to Haiti for 4 days to distribute Shoes for the Children who are mostly in need We are also working on how we Shall get Connected with their team for the December trip to Haiti, to create Partnership with them and then return Back to Ghana for Only four days. They are aiming to partner with us in creating Micro Enterprise for an Economic empowerment for the Families who are most;ly in need. T hat is why we need Financial Companies, Organizations and Groups to assist us for Funding to grab suck great Opportunities for Social impact! As we are talking to you now the Office for the Bonks distribution to Children who are in need in both Government and Private School is ready at the moment, as well as a warehouse for Shoes and Cloth to create Micro Enterprise. All that we need at the moment are the Support of Ghana Education Office Directory and the support of Funding aid Organization or Micro Finance, Financial service providers and Individuals Donors who may love to assist with their caring heart! Please are you asking how you can donate to help now? Then Check our Donation page and donate now! Or contact us now! As we get Funding aid from a Foundations, then that will help us to connect with the Organization who want to partner with us for Micro Enterprise for the Families in need. Otherwise the Shoes and the cloth Micro Enterprise Opportunity may lead to next year. Are you really a Grant Provider Organization, Companies, groups, Individuals that looking for a positive Change in our dying Societies? Then please what are you waiting for? Contact us now!


Compassion Soul Winners International Narrative Report.

We are here by present our 2 years Narrative Reports and our Constitution to the Public

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We are Faith Base Organization that believe in the word of God, we Share the word of God with the Families we serve. We take them through Counseling through Biblical Base for Human salvation. It is also our Contribution to a Moral Fib ire in the Society.

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Donation Amount



  • Sapeiman, Nsawam Road Near Electoral Commission Office.
  • P.O,BOX, 40 ALajo Junction. Accra, Ghana


Seeking for  Right   Sponsors Or Volunteers.

We are Seeking for a Potential and right Sponsors who wish to Support Social progress through the Organization.

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There are solutions of Every Challenges in this land of the living. That is why we are not giving up!

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Why do  you want  to  kill  my  dream?

If you do not stop what you are doing, i belt you in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, These Children are going to grow in pain, agony dis trees and one day you may be regret!

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Volunteers Partnership

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Name  Replacement.

Name Replacement.

Compassion Soul Winners Outreach International has been replaced with ( Unique Compassion Soul Wining Foundation With the Registration No. CG046492018 with Registrar General Department, Accra - Ghana. We are Going to Present both Online and Offline Funds raising Event with the new name of the Organization for Our Current Projects that heading Towards Sustainable and Development goal. Check out More information's.

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