We would love to appreciate an Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) that has granted our organization. consultative status!

We are still waiting for a decision on the matter at its management segment, scheduled on 6 and 7 June 2019.

Once they take a decision to work with us, that Opens Many and greater doors for our Organization for mission trip around the Globe in working with them towards UN Sustainable and Community Development goal. Looking forwards in hearing from them in June 6 and 7.


About About About

I am Francis Asomaning the leader of (Unique Compassion Soul Wining Foundation) I am not affiliated with any Church, but working Specifically for Our Communities.
How ever we are at the moment working in collaboration with local member Companies Sponsors, Donors for Social impact. We are also in progress of Connecting with United Nation for Sustainable and Community Development goal.

We are still waiting for their decision in the month of June.

As you may see my Image among others, they are Outreach team for Sarpeiman Community and Project Manager.

We are still Supporting Child Education in 2019 as well, we help pay extra classes fee in every month even those who attends Government Schools. The student among our Image is the one of the Children we are helping he stands at the gab for all the Children and their Families we are helping an, expressing appreciation and Thanks giving to all the Board members and Bakers, even to those in an International Communities who love to help. The other image is the Projects Manager at Sarpeiman Community. Check out more information's from him.

Our  2018 Annual report:
Our annual report Meeting in took place on last Saturday, May 4, 2019.
The Copies of the report will be sent to all the Board members, Government and our Local Sponsors.
Including Audited Financial Statement.

2019  Event:
This information is to confirm that, Francis Asomaning,  the  Founding  Executive  Council, President is In trim executive of the foundation  and managing the  day-today administration  of  Unique Compassion Soul Wining Foundation.

We have acknowledged his good leadership leading the Foundation towards the growth and Communities Development. He is Chosen as our delegate to attend Nonprofit business and Campus tour at abroad in 2019.

He is sponsored by our Partners Companies from Ghana Such as  Adonai Welding & Fabrication Metal Works,  M-TES  Construction & Engendering  Limited and  Others for his traveling and accommodation bills for him to be able to Participate in the programs. We really appreciate their  Concern!

Since January 2019 that we prepared for Francis move abroad to USA for Nonprofit Business and Campus tour Visa Application Shouldn't be stressful, delays ,it’s must be straightforward process - as long as we know what’s needed.

And, we know that, what we need most is prove of Funding for his Mission trip and prove of finances during our stay in USA for Short events visit and then come back to our native country Ghana for the great work we are doing for Social impact. Francis first appointment for his first invitation letter was not succeed for USA EMBASSY IN GHANA Immanency appointment could not work. We are not interested in USA .EMBASSY IN GHANA services anymore for we do not no why we must pay for another visa fee for no reason.

Francis have not canceled his last appointment, but rather it was Technical Issue! We are not interested in USA EMBASSY IN GHANA service and we cannot proceed with them any longer, It is better to apply USA Non immigrant visa from different Country! To be truth with you, USA EMBASSY IN GHANA ARE CROOKS THAN ALL THE OTHER USA EMBASSY IN OTHER COUNTRIES. around the world. We do not trust them!

We Found out from the Children, their Families we serve in Interview that, it is lack of Education and Skills that make them suffering. some traveled afar from other remote areas to find a greener Pasture in Cities, but yet still live is not treating them as they deserve.

But good news is that by the grace of God, Our en devour in supporting the Children Education, taking them through counseling, inculcate in them the message of hope are gradually bringing positive Change !

They Showed us an appreciation of what we are doing to help

 Our  plans  for  the  Children  and  their  Families  in  2019:
(1), On going Mission trip to Campus Business tour in 2019

(2,) On going Nonprofit Business Network plans for their self Skills empowerment and Generating income that will bring them much more impact and financial freedom. Connecting with Diversities local Companies who believes in Social impact.

(3,) We seek to Partner with United nation and looking forwards to be our Main International Home. Please take note that we have never meet United Nation in person before, we only know them through email Marketing.

(4) WE seek to Organize Leadership training, workshops, attending conferences and Volunteer Trip.

{5) We seek to work in-collaboration with local and International Companies that seek for Social impact. It will help to create more Jobs and Entrepreneurial Skill for Children and their Families.

We are Focusing on the above mentioned events from 2019 onward, that will help to make more impact in all our catchments areas Including Refugees Children in Ghana.

Please take Note that we have not received even a cent from International Communities for all our audience wanted us to meet them in person for Nonprofit Business studies transaction which we are working on.

All the information's you see on the website are real and our plans towards the Children and their Families are already started, some youth from poor Families are earning Skills empowerment for Free.
Children are getting support for their Education.

Take note that there will be no any Sustainable and Community Development without reaching out to Children and their Families who are mostly in need.

I am a Missionary and was born in Ghana in the year 1976. I have served various Churches as an Evangelist and Missionary from 1995 - 2007. I am at the moment leading Faith Base Nonprofit Organization in Ghana as President. I Spend my days working with Families who are mostly in need.

Take note that, the Sustainable and Com unity Developments that we are all working on to bring Positive Change in our dying Societies must start from Families who are Mostly in need. If there are a Poverty , Sickness, Diseases, Accidents, wars, Natural Disaster Crime, lack of Education, happens in our Communities, It is Children and their Families who mostly get affected especially those who are mostly in need!

In my Outreach Mission, Since 1995 up till date, i met and listen to varieties of Children and their Families Stories right at their doweling places and realized that something need to be done about it.

I have attended various Bible colleges and have done several secular courses and still learning and serving as a Missionary in our communities, no longer serving Churches, but rather Serving our Communities Specifically both in Rural areas and Metropolitan areas. I believe that it is only God who will determine the final destination of every Single Soul in this land of the living and at the Judgement day. As a leader of the FOUNDATION , i make sure that we extend our help to all the Children and their Families we serve, irrespective of Religious believes, Gender, co lour, Educational background, age, Position and Geographical Boundary.

Here are the following courses and i am still learning others:
-Ministerial Studies from Gospel light Bible Institute, Accra Ghana.
-Shipping Management. Tema, Greater Accra Region
Philanthropy University USA, Online  Courses:
-Lean Startup Principles for Social Impact
-Design Kit: Prototyping

UNIQUE COMPASSION SOUL WINING FOUNDATION is a faith based organization. It is the Foundation that help Girl Child Education , Support widows, Conflict resolution through Counseling. Youth Development, Gender Education and Safe Motherhood and Family Health Care. The Foundation Came out from Compassion Soul Winners Outreach International (NGO) to support Communities Projects.


Reaching the Lost and the destitute Children and their Families.

Promote Child Entrepreneurial Skills, Reaching Families who are mostly in need, Organize Driving Skills and counseling through Biblical based for Families among others enhance better life. Educating Drivers with Drivers Union for Road Safety as well as connecting with Donors.

We are pleased to inform the world that the United Nation Committee on Non-Governmental Organizations has recommended to the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) that consultative status be granted to our organization.
Which means that our Organization is now an accredited to the world.

The Economic and Social Council will take a decision on the matter at its management segment, scheduled on 6 and 7 June 2019. Please note that the organization cannot benefit from consultative status until ECOSOC has taken a decision.

We shall be notified of the decision by ECOSOC in due course Check out for the feed back.

We do not connect, neither Convert the Families we serve to any Specific religious Believes.

As Community Faith Based Organization, all that we know is that, if mountains removed to the sea, the Earth turn upside down and the sky fold like a mat and the whole world Turns against us, All that we Know is that love your nab our as yourself, irrespective of age groups, Educational Background, Co lour, Position, Geographical boundary, religious believes ect.

Are you in the position that can Provide good Education, good food, good Drinking water, clot hen, Shoes, job, building, health care ect for yourself and Immediate Families? Then we encourage you to do the same things to an Extended Families who are mostly in need right in your Community where you are located and beyond.
You may not in that position, but there is something that you can do to help.
An examples as follows:
- You can help with Creative Ideas, you can help in Kind, in words, in action, encouragement, Counseling , Skills and Prayers.

We have found out in our research that when you tell black man in Africa that you are in Nonprofit Industry, they think that it is only white or Billionaires that must Do Nonprofit Job for the Societies , but we do not believe in that!

Since 2008 up to date many Children and their Families lives have been transformed by the Support of Francis Asomaning. Our President, our team members, individuals and some Companies from Africa.
Take note that, Since we started the Organization Projects both in Ghana and South Africa, we have not received any cent from any of Western Countries Communities.

We have also noticed that some white and Blacks from local and International Communities see Social Services as a way of earning abundant in life even some Churches. But we do not believe in that. The work of NGO or NPO is a Voluntary work that those who have got Knowledge, Skills, Til lent or Funding, release them in Voluntary Bases for Social drive not for self Interest.

Our main Mission is not run a Church, but to help and make impact in our dying Societies through the following Objectives:

-Regulation of the activities of providing health care, Education, cultural Services,

Why these Objectives?

Our assistance is purely humanitarian and unconditional. We assist irrespective of race, religion, co lour, class, political affiliation or geographical boundary. We are entirely neutral in our approach in the Families in need especially Children, youth and women.

Do you know how we understand the word love your nab our as yourself?
It means that, if you see your nab our as a Failure, as a poor, as a Sick, as a Homeless and you do not care about what you can do to help then you do not care about your own life!

Do you know that the one you may help today may be your savoir tomorrow?

We have helped a lot of Children and their Families both in Ghana and South Africa Irrespective of race, color, Gender and Geographical location.

During our Outreach programs we come across the following Issues that Families face:
Lack of Education
Teenage pregnancy.
Women and men abused
Drag abused,
Domestic Violence
Prime Mature death through accident, Sickness, Diseases, Stress and Natural disaster.

We provide the Children and their Families Self Entrepreneur in a small scale for the Families to Generate income for themselves that will help their Children Education.

We are building collaborative frameworks or Network with an agreement to expand programmatic reach.

Further explanation of collaborative frameworks:
It means that we seek to work in collaboration with other Donors Organizations, Investors, Individuals Government Officials, Companies, especially those who trade in Natural resources to seek for Social Change.

In our Frameworks, we Shall ensure that an agreements will be Established between the two parties.

The same will be applied for all our Projects Including Funding Organization or a Company.

All the rest who may come latter must be Only Donors who may love to donate product or Cash.

Are you looking to partner with us for any of our Projects? Then contact us now.

Unique Compassion, belief in the old proverb that, teach a man how to Fish but not supplying him with fish. Those who get help from Unique Compassion Soul Winning Foundation for temporal must be able to fend for themselves in Future. Unique Compassion Soul Wining Foundation Came Out from (Compassion Soul Winners Outreach International) as Non-Governmental and Nonprofit Organization.

There are concerted efforts being made by Francis, his team and Backers located in Ghana by empowering Families Entrepreneur Skills, their Education and health care.
As well as providing them with the basic necessities they need to survive, Such as food Clo then, Shoes Blanket and Study Materials. There were also a conference and the list of events that the group has participated in both in Ghana and South Africa

Unique Compassion Soul Wining Foundation is forming Network Partnership, Recruitment for the accomplishment of our Projects and also to help like Minded people to accomplish their Mission for a Common goal that is to a chief Sustainable Community Development.

In our Network or Partnership, Unique Compassion Soul Winning Foundation will not Practice any Discrimination . What does it mean?

For an example, we seek to Partner with large and small Organizations, Foundation, Companies who may love to be our Donor or partner Based on Agreement. How ever any one of them that may practice discrimination will be disconnected!

What about if all these Network fail:
We believe that those who are intend to Sponsor us are our Audience, there are more audience out there both offline and online who may love to help and they are coming into their numbers.

With these good Mission with out the Support of local and International communities it cannot be possible.
Thank God that through our emails Marketing , we have got more audience at International Com unities who seek for International Development love to help. How ever they want us to meet them in person at their residence countries for Social impart in Ghana, Africa.

At the moment all that we need to cover our Mission trip are available at the moment. We are now waiting for USA EMBASSY IN GHANA WHO MAY LOVE TO ISSUE US NON-IMMIGRANT VISA FOR OUR MISSION TRIP.

Objective Projects:
In our Catchment areas at rural areas, we aim to Establish Agriculture projects with the Families we serve that would help for food Production, food Security that would help to reduce hunger and promote Economic Empowerment.

Why these Projects?:
Is to Save families lives for Sustainable and Community Development

Our Network Recruitment extend to International Either large or small Organizations, Companies, Institutions and Foundations who may love to be part of these movement.
At the moment, we are Co responding with Network application with various Organizations to Find out which one of them will help all and a chief a Common goal. How ever We are pleased to informally communicate to you that "Compassion Soul Winners Outreach International" was recommended for special consultative status with ECOSOC by the Committee on NGOs. An official message will be sent in June.

Are you wondering how you can help?
Please do not let anybody deceive you! If you would love to be our donor and donate CASH in regular BASIS OR Once, please Check our Donation page you will find out Trusted and Secure Offline payment gateway that you can use for wiring trans fare Direct to our Communities through the Foundation.

You are also welcome to Help in Kind especially if you want to help product Donations in Ocean freight Containers .All that we shall need from you is to Ship the container from the Origin to Tema port and leave the rest for us! If you want us to travel to your place for product donations in Containers you are welcome!
You are welcome to run Nonprofit business transaction with us for a positive Change.

Road Safety Programs
We also support Road Safety and driving Skills for youth empowerment Programs.

How are we Supporting, We are helping with Creative Ideas, Encouragements, Counseling and Prayers. We aim to Connect them with our Network through email Marketing.

Network with Local Companies:
We seek to work in-Collaboration with local Companies that will help to create more Jobs, Skills, workshops and Social Enterprise that will help to make a lasting impact in their Lives.
More Especially, Companies that trade in Natural resources.

Volunteers are welcome in what ever good way they would love to help.

In our Operation to help Children and heir Families who are mostly in need, all that we know is Helping to deal with Social Issues either Spiritual or Physical right there in their doweling places. We do not need to convert them to any religious faith before they can get help if they need it.

Beside the Children and their Families that w e serve. We are also supporting Road Safety Programs in Ghana.

Our Plans for the Children and their Families we serve:
We are still Empowering Child Entrepreneurial Skills and their Families.

We are in the Visa application progress with USA embassy to attain US Non-Immigrant visa for temporal trip to Book for Africa Head Qua tors and warehouse to discuss about Books Donated and a Shipment. And then from there we shall Proceed with our Nonprofit Business Tourist with others in USA and then come back to Ghana to Check out those that we can receive Donations for Shipment from USA to Ghana to Support Our Projects.

We also aiming at Taking some Families abroad in future to acquire Skills and Education and then come back to serve our Precious Communities.

Our Appreciation goes to all our Backers who are BACKING US from a sincere heart that located both in Ghana and South Africa for without them it may be very Difficult to made all these achievements.
Very soon you will see some of them their images on the website. You are well done for the great work no matter how small your contribution may be

“The greatest danger to our future is apathy …” Jane Goodall, Environmentalist:

Africa today is facing an unprecedented breakdown in the structured family life as we have known it, caused by poverty and "modernization". This situation is real and is a clear and present danger to our defined social order. Introduction Due to the increasing poverty and modernization, structured family patterns in Africa are undergoing definitive changes. Because of breakdown in family units, vulnerable youths and children are finding themselves on the metropolitan cities, without any support structure, making them susceptible to a plethora of social ills, including drug/alcohol addiction, AIDS/HIV infection and lack of basic education/ life skills. This toxic cocktail makes them ill-equipped to deal with the rest of society and puts them on a slippery path, to criminality, making them non-productive members of society. Continuous exposure to such ills, makes it almost impossible for them to escape out of this system, once they are sucked into it. Africa due to its historic position of being a “developing” continent is most vulnerable to the problem of destitution. Already it is has been noted with alarm that besides criminality, non-functional members of society drawn from Families who are Mostly in need. create and perpetuate a culture of dependency, ultimately costing the Government billions in missed opportunities and rehabilitative efforts Africa due to its poverty and at times apathy from central government has been vulnerable to the effects of increased destitution on the populace. The developed nations have been at the forefront of complicity in destroying the societal fabric by bringing in development, that at times was not matched with the requisite education, leaving societies to negotiate through the labyrinth of new found affluence without the necessary "skills" to handle the side effects e.g. easier access to drugs and alcohol, thus leading to family breakdowns. Unique Compassion Soul Winning Foundation endeavors to lobby the African government, politicians, churches and communities to focus on the issue of reducing the number of vulnerable children and youths and women on the street. Africa by virtue of being the most Naturalized country on the continent must take the lead. Unique Compassion Soul Wining seeks to build partnerships between Individuals Volunteers, groups and Communities Causes of Destitute Families. The increased incident of homeless street children arises from among others: *financial stress through increasing poverty levels in the communities *breakdown of the family structure through moral decay *the ease with which illicit drugs and alcohol are getting to the youths There are approximately a million street kids in South Africa and Ghana at the moment and it is projected that these will double to two million in ten years. Clearly this cannot be allowed to spiral unchecked, as the cost in human and capital terms can wreck havoc on the African economy. What are the options? The world must act now and act decisively! Worldwide governments might consider this an African problem, but unfortunately with the world now a global village, immigration trends have amply demonstrated that the incident of legal and illegal migration will feature strongly and cost the developed countries millions in the ficus each year as mobile nationals escape the perceived ills in their countries to go to greener pastures. African governments must wake up to the domestic crisis in Families. *Central government must explore ways to provide more sustainable social welfare assistance that will protect the vulnerable in society with the Charity and Community Organization *Local governments must compliment government by putting into place legislature that makes it easier for example, for private initiatives to establish "places of safety", among other initiatives. Families halfway home” should be given explicit support. This will see homes established and enjoying official support in the form of "tax-breaks", among other incentives. *Churches must take a lead in re-establishing the moral fibre of the nation i.e. churches through regular sermons and outreach programs must reach out to vulnerable Families to inculcate in them the message of hope through the word of God. Not only that, it is through that, with prayers and righteousness Nations are built, but if the Church reject the Sacrificial work of God in order to Sacrifice their lives in order to help others Physically, then their faith will amount nothing. Because the Spiritual things belong to God and the things seen belong to men. *There is a need for more aggressive community involvement in tackling social ills on a day-to-day basis like, Jobless drug and alcohol abuse, under-age sexual exploitation, school drop outs and truancy and other social ills be-devilling the community. *Local governments must be more pro-active in their support for social initiatives to tackle these social problems, by putting into law measures that will make it easier to establish and run a sustainable charity enterprise Not self Enterprise only. We recently trying to Establish books distribution office with the help of one of our Inter National net Work. We visited Social ware fare Office to require how they may help us to get Social wafer e Certificate for a smooth Operation a s an NGO to assist Families who are mostly in need. instead of Medias must talk about Social services in our Communities to engage Community members to help for Social Change, some of them are rather promoting sexual Music, movies immoral activities, and they comes back to blame Government, Organizations and some Churches regarding Families decay. UNIQUE Compassion Soul Winners, aim to proceed and conduct Programs with all our Network, To Keep Children Off The Streets to stay together with their Families. Various initiatives will be instituted to educate and make the children/youths aware of the dangers of keeping on the streets. These initiatives will be in many forms, but will aim to make it attractive for children to choose safety to "freedom". .Teaching/ Counseling For the Vulnerable The program will ensure that a Counselor is always available for the vulnerable to counsel and guide them, so that they may become morally upright and not be easily swept back into their former life. Parents or the general community will be encouraged to participate in the re-rehabilitation of the street kids, their Families and offer them moral support. All teaching will have a strong Godly ethos and Psychologist expect. .Feeding Schemes The program will continue to afford feeding schemes for some vulnerable children who are not in the program, be they within a family group or be they in the street. This will decrease the incident of those within dis-advantaged families dropping into the street. The ones on the streets might decide to join the program after inter-acting with the "feeders". Networking The program will network with similar initiatives Volunteers and other welfare Volunteer to create a strong community of welfare and health care. .Fund Raising The program will as a necessity, run sustainable fund raising programs to establish it firmly with our Network .Prayer Meetings As a small organization that works very closely and in partnership with an International and local Communities, the Board members will meet once in the month or twice, Interceding for all.


Compassion Soul Winners International Narrative Report.

We are here by present our 2 years Annual Reports from 2008 to 2009

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We are Faith Base Organization that believe in the word of God, we Share the word of God with the Families we serve. We take them through Counseling through Biblical Base for Human salvation. It is also our Contribution to a Moral Fib ire in the Society.

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Donation Amount



  • Sapeiman, Nsawam Road Near Electoral Commission Office.
  • P.O,BOX, 40 ALajo Junction. Accra, Ghana


Seeking for  Right   Sponsors Or Volunteers.

We are Seeking for a Potential and right Sponsors who wish to Support Social progress through the Organization.

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There are solutions of Every Challenges in this land of the living. That is why we are not giving up!

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Why do  you want  to  kill  my  dream?

If you do not stop what you are doing, i belt you in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, These Children are going to grow in pain, agony dis trees and one day you may be regret!

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Name  Replacement.

Name Replacement.

Compassion Soul Winners Outreach International has been replaced with ( Unique Compassion Soul Wining Foundation With the Registration No. CG046492018 with Registrar General Department, Accra - Ghana. We are Going to Present both Online and Offline Funds raising Event with the new name of the Organization for Our Current Projects that heading Towards Sustainable and Development goal. Check out More information's.



Prospective Partner for Books donations to the Families and the Schools who are in need.

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Health  Care

Health Care of Families in need relate to Healthy Communities

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  • 11/13/2018 04:53 PM

We are still Supporting the Children and their Families paying their Extra classes Fees. We shall continues to help them tiil they Finish thier SHS.


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