We are Small NGO working under Compassion Soul Winners Outreach International to contribute to local projects.
Unique Compassion, Came out from CSWOI, by bringing support to CSWOI projects
We are helping to stimulate economic growth by providing Volunteer services for CSWOI for free of Charge. The Foundation is established by Mr. Francis Asomaning The CEO and his Backers from Ghana. Mr. Francis Connected CSWOI with United Nations and UNV Online.

“The greatest danger to our future is apathy …” Jane Goodall, Environmentalist:

“The greatest danger to our future is apathy …” Jane Goodall, Environmentalist: Africa today is facing an unprecedented breakdown in the structured family life as we have known it, caused by poverty and "modernization". This situation is real and is a clear and present danger to our defined social order. Introduction Due to the increasing poverty and modernization, structured family patterns in Africa are undergoing definitive changes. Because of breakdown in family units, vulnerable youths and children are finding themselves on the metropolitan cities, without any support structure, making them susceptible to a plethora of social ills, including drug/alcohol addiction, AIDS/HIV infection and lack of basic education/ life skills. This toxic cocktail makes them ill-equipped to deal with the rest of society and puts them on a slippery path, to criminality, making them non-productive members of society. Continuous exposure to such ills, makes it almost impossible for them to escape out of this system, once they are sucked into it. Africa due to its historic position of being a “developing” continent is most vulnerable to the problem of destitution. Already it is has been noted with alarm that besides criminality, non-functional members of society drawn from Families who are Mostly in need. create and perpetuate a culture of dependency, ultimately costing the Government billions in missed opportunities and rehabilitative efforts. Africa due to its poverty and at times apathy from central government has been vulnerable to the effects of increased destitution on the populace. The developed nations have been at the forefront of complicity in destroying the societal fabric by bringing in development, that at times was not matched with the requisite education, leaving societies to negotiate through the labyrinth of new found affluence without the necessary "skills" to handle the side effects e.g. easier access to drugs and alcohol, thus leading to family breakdowns. Unique Compassion Soul Winning Foundation, Compassion Soul Winners Outreach International endeavors to lobby the African government, politicians, churches and communities to focus on the issue of reducing the number of vulnerable children and youths and women on the street. Africa by virtue of being the most Naturalized country on the continent must take the lead. Unique Compassion, Compassion Soul Winners to build partnerships between Individuals Volunteers, groups and Communities dealt with what Causes of Destitute Families. The increased incident of homeless street children arises from among others: *Financial stress through increasing poverty levels in the communities. *Breakdown of the family structure through moral decay *The ease with which illicit drugs and alcohol are getting to the youths. There are approximately more than a million street kids in South Africa at the moment and it is projected that these will double to over three million in ten years. Clearly this cannot be allowed to spiral unchecked, as the cost in human and capital terms can wreck havoc on the African economy. What are the options? The world must act now and act decisively! Worldwide governments might consider this an African problem, but unfortunately with the world now a global village, immigration trends have amply demonstrated that the incident of legal and illegal migration will feature strongly and cost the developed countries millions in the ficus each year as mobile nationals escape the perceived ills in their countries to go to greener pastures. African governments must wake up to the domestic crisis in Families. *Central government must explore ways to provide more sustainable social welfare assistance that will protect the vulnerable in society with the Charity and Community Organization. *Local governments must compliment government by putting into place legislature that makes it easier for example, for private initiatives to establish "places of safety", among other initiatives. Families halfway home” should be given explicit support. This will see homes established and enjoying official support in the form of "tax-breaks", among other incentives. *Churches must take a lead in re-establishing the moral fib re of the nation i.e. churches through regular sermons and outreach programs must reach out to vulnerable Families to inculcate in them the message of hope through the word of God. Not only that, it is through that, with prayers and righteousness Nations are built, but if the Church reject the Sacrificial work of God in order to Sacrifice their lives in order to help others Physically, then their faith will amount nothing. Because the Spiritual things belong to God and the things seen belong to men. *There is a need for more aggressive community involvement in tackling social ills on a day-to-day basis like, Jobless drug and alcohol abuse, under-age sexual exploitation, school drop outs and truancy and other social ills be-devilling the community. *Local governments must be more pro-active in their support for social initiatives to tackle these social problems, by putting into law measures that will make it easier to establish and run a sustainable charity enterprise Not self Enterprise only. We recently trying to Establish books distribution office with the help of one of our Inter National net Work. We visited Social ware fare Office to require how they may help us to get Social wafer e Certificate for a smooth Operation as an NGO to assist Families who are mostly in need in Ghana and we found out that they do not care about their own people who are mostly in need. instead of Medias must talk about Social services in our Communities to engage Community members to help for Social Change, some of them are rather promoting sexual Music, movies immoral activities, and they comes back to blame Government, Organizations and some Churches regarding Families decay. Unique Compassion Soul Winners and Compassion Soul Winners aim to proceed and conduct Programs with all our Network, To Keep Children Off The Streets to stay together with their Families. Various initiatives will be instituted to educate and make the children/youths aware of the dangers of keeping on the streets. These initiatives will be in many forms, but will aim to make it attractive for children to choose safety to "freedom". .Teaching/ Counseling For the Vulnerable The program will ensure that a Counselor is always available for the vulnerable to counsel and guide them, so that they may become morally upright and not be easily swept back into their former life. Parents or the general community will be encouraged to participate in the re-rehabilitation of the street kids, their Families and offer them moral support. All teaching will have a strong Godly ethos and Psychologist expect. .Feeding Schemes: The program will continue to afford feeding schemes for some vulnerable children who are not in the program, be they within a family group or be they in the street. This will decrease the incident of those within dis-advantaged families dropping into the street. The ones on the streets might decide to join the program after inter-acting with the "feeders". Networking: The program will network with similar initiatives Volunteers and other welfare Volunteer to create a strong community of welfare and health care. .Fund Raising: The program will as a necessity, run sustainable fund raising programs to establish it firmly with our Network .Prayer Meetings: As Faith Based organization that works very closely and in partnership with an International and local Communities, the Board members will meet once in the month or twice, Interceding for all. As well as Connecting with a Genuine Churches for their Prayer support. We are at the moment helping Children and their families who are mostly in need at a time in the area of Feeding, Child entrepreneurs skills empowerment and their Families. We aim to touch the lives others who are most;y in need in 2019 and 2020 Towards Sustainable goal.

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We are Foundation that help Girl Child Education , Support widows, Conflict resolution through Counseling. Youth Development, Gender Education and Safe Motherhood and Family Health Care. The Foundation Came out from Compassion Soul Winners Outreach International (NGO) to support Compassion Soul Winners Outreach International Communities Projects and aiming to help other Organizations in future,

Reaching the Lost and the destitute Children and their Families
.Promote Child Entrepreneurial Skills, Reaching Families who are mostly in need, Organize counseling through Biblical based for Families among others, enhance better life.

 connecting Compassion  Soul Winners Outreach International with Gift  Givers.

Unique Compassion Soul Wining Foundation.

Accountability is one of the Policies of the Foundation for Social en devour towards the UN Sustainable and Communities development goal OUR ANNUAL AUDITED REPORTS ARE DONE WITH REGISTRAR GENERAL IN ACCRA , GHANA. United Nations Unies: NON-GOVERNMENTAL ORGANIZATIONS BRANCH OFFICE OF INTERGOVERNMENTAL SUPPORT AND COORDINATION FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT 25th Floor Secretariat Building, United Nations, New York, N.Y. 10017 Telephone: (212) 963-8652; Fax: (212) 963-9248 Website: www.un.org/ecosoc/ngo Contact: www.un.org/ecosoc/ngo/contact 18 June 2019 We are now on wards UN NGOs Representative in Ghana and even in abroad. The decision of the Economic and Social Council: We are pleased to inform the world that the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) at its Coordination and management meeting of 6 June 2019 adopted the recommendation of the Committee on Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) to grant special consultative status to our organization, Compassion Soul Winners Outreach International/ Unique Compassion Soul Wining Foundation. We accept their heartfelt congratulations! Consultative status for our organization enables us to actively engage with ECOSOC and its subsidiary bodies, as well as with the United Nations Secretariat, programmes, funds and agencies in a number of ways. In order to better understand this relationship, we take this opportunity to provide some critical information about the privileges that consultative status with ECOSOC confers on our organization, as well as the obligations that our organization will be required to meet under this relationship. A. Privileges and benefits of consultative status : Arrangements for consultations with NGOs are regulated by ECOSOC resolution 1996/31, adopted by the Council on 25 July 1996. We have revealed the details that provides information on ways to participate in the work of the Council, including opportunities to organizations such as ours to consult with Member States and the United Nations system at large, based on the nature and scope of work that our organization undertakes. Consultative relationship with NGOs also enables the Council or one of its bodies to seek expert information or advice from organizations with special competence in a subject matter. 2) Attendance at meetings and access to the United Nations: Our status now entitles us to designate official representatives to the United Nations Headquarters in New York and the United Nations offices in Geneva and Vienna. Our representatives will be able to register for and participate in events, conferences and activities of the United Nations, and organizations in general and special consultative status may designate authorized representatives to sit as observers at public meetings of ECOSOC and its subsidiary bodies, the Human Rights Council and, under certain conditions, the General Assembly and other United Nations intergovernmental bodies. These arrangements may be supplemented to include other means of participation. To ensure your participation. 3) Written statements at ECOSOC  Organizations in general and special consultative status are able to submit written statements relevant to the work of the Council on subjects in which these organizations have a special competence. These statements may be circulated by the Secretary-General of the United Nations to the members of the Council.  Requirements regarding the submission and circulation of written statements are elaborated in resolution 1996/31. They include, but are not limited to, the following: (a) Written statements shall be submitted in one of the two working languages of the United Nations (English or French). (b) They shall be submitted within the time period indicated prior to the Council’s meeting each year in order to allow appropriate consultations between the Secretary-General and the organization before circulation; (c) Written statements from organizations in general consultative status are limited to a maximum of 2,000 words; (d) Written statements from organizations in special consultative status are limited to a maximum of 500 words; 4) Oral presentations at ECOSOC  Requirements for oral statements include, but are not limited to, the following: (a) The Committee on Non-Governmental Organizations makes recommendations to the Council about which organizations in general and special consultative status should make an oral presentation to the Council, as well as the items on which they should be heard. Such organizations are entitled to make one statement to the Council, subject to the approval of the Council; 5) Consultations with ECOSOC and its subsidiary bodies  Commissions and other subsidiary bodies of ECOSOC may consult with NGOs in general and special status; and such consultations may be arranged at the request of the NGO;  A commission of ECOSOC may recommend that an NGO with special competence in a particular field undertake studies or investigations, or prepare papers for the commission;  NGOs shall be able to consult officers of the appropriate offices of the Secretariat on matters of mutual interest or concern. Such consultation shall be at the request of the NGO or the Secretary-General;  The Secretary-General may request organizations in consultative status to carry out studies or prepare papers. 6) Use of United Nations facilities The Secretary-General is authorized to offer United Nations facilities to NGOs in consultative status, including:  accommodation for conferences or smaller meetings related to the work of ECOSOC, as available and under the conditions set at each UN Office; 4  appropriate seating arrangements and facilities for obtaining documents during public meetings of the General Assembly that deal with matters in the economic and social and related fields;  arrangement of informal discussions on matters of special interest to groups or organizations;  access to United Nations press documentation services;  prompt and efficient distribution of documents related to ECOSOC and its subsidiary bodies as the Secretary-General deems appropriate;  use of United Nations libraries. For information on United Nations events opened to NGOs with consultative status, please consult our booklet “Working with ECOSOC: an NGO Guide to consultative status” available on our website in several languages at: http://csonet.org/index.php?menu=134 B. Responsibilities and obligations of NGOs in consultative status 1) Quadrennial reports  Organizations in general and special consultative status are required to submit a report on the activities of their organizations in support of the work of ECOSOC and the United Nations once every four years, known as quadrennial reports, as per ECOSOC resolution 1996/31. This requirement is reinforced through ECOCOC resolution 2008/4 on “Measures to improve the quadrennial reporting procedures.” In keeping with these requirements, your organization will be required to submit its first report for the 2019-2022 period by no later than 1 June 2023 for review by the Committee on NGOs. Please download and carefully follow the guidelines for the submission of these reports on the NGO Branch website at: http://csonet.org/?menu=85  In the intervening periods between the submission of quadrennial reports, organizations are advised to keep detailed records of participation in United Nations meetings and events, as well as cooperation with United Nations funds and agencies for inclusion in subsequent reports. 2) Suspension and withdrawal of consultative status  As per resolution 2008/4, if an NGO fails to submit its quadrennial report by the due date of 1 June, following three reminders after the initial due date, the Committee on NGOs shall recommend immediate suspension of consultative status for the organization the following year for a period of one year.  According to the same ECOSOC resolution 2008/4, NGOs whose consultative status has been suspended due to an outstanding quadrennial report will be required to submit the report within the period of suspension in order for the 5 Committee on NGOs to consider, take note of the report and recommend reinstatement of consultative status.  If, however, an NGO fails to submit the report within the stipulated period, the Committee on NGOs shall recommend to the Economic and Social Council the immediate withdrawal of consultative status. Once consultative status has been withdrawn by the Council, the NGO will no longer be entitled to the benefits and privileges of the relationship.  The organization concerned will be entitled to re-apply for consultative status only after a period of three years, following the effective date of withdrawal of status.  Additionally, consultative status of NGOs can be suspended for up to three years or withdrawn by the decision of the Economic and Social Council on the recommendation of its Committee on Non- Governmental Organizations in the following cases: (a) If an organization, either directly or through its affiliates or representatives acting on its behalf, clearly abuses its status by engaging in a pattern of acts contrary to the purposes and principles of the Charter of the United Nations including unsubstantiated or politically motivated acts against Member States of the United Nations incompatible with those purposes and principles; (b) If there exists substantiated evidence of influence from proceeds resulting from internationally recognized criminal activities such as the illicit drugs trade, money-laundering or the illegal arms trade; (c) If, within the preceding three years, an organization did not make any positive or effective contribution to the work of the United Nations and, in particular, of the Council or its commissions or other subsidiary organs. Strict prohibitions against misrepresentation of consultative status  NGOs in consultative status are NOT considered part of the United Nations system. As such, they are not representatives or staff of the United Nations, nor are they authorized to enter into business arrangements on behalf of the United Nations or misuse the United Nations’ name or logo for endorsement of an organization’s activities in any way. Furthermore, consultative status does not entitle NGOs any privileges such as tax exemptions, diplomatic passports, travel privileges, etc.  NGOs in consultative status are forbidden to use the United Nations logo on their stationery, business cards, websites, meeting banners, cars, office buildings, etc. Misrepresentation of consultative relationship can result in adverse consequences for your organization, including suspension or withdrawal of status. 6 If the organization wishes to display consultative status on its letterhead, the following statement can be included below the name of the organization: “Organization in (Category of consultative status) with the Economic and Social Council since (year status granted). Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We welcome the opportunity to work with you and will be happy to facilitate your participation in the work of the United Nations, in particular ECOSOC and its subsidiary bodies, in the future. Yours sincerely, Marc-André Dorel Acting Chief, NGO Branch Office of Intergovernmental Support and Coordination for Sustainable Development . Yours sincerely, Marc-André Dorel Acting Chief, NGO Branch Office of Intergovernmental Support and Coordination for Sustainable Development Department of Economic and Social Affairs If you read the above mention information careful, It is all about Participating in UN Programs and also working with UN Organization and Non-UN Entities who will help us to promote UN Sustainable goal . And also to be accountable to UN on very 4 years. The Consultative status was give to Compassion Soul Winners Outreach International in Ghana. How ever The Leadership, told UN NGO branch that there is a need for them to come to South Africa and re-left to our Past Projects in South Africa for Social C operate Social Responsibilities Purposes. That is why the team of Unique Compassion soul Winning Foundation and the leadership are in Mission trip for Compassion Soul Winners Outreach International in South Africa. Our Head Francis Asomaning recently Connect the Organization with UN Global Compact for Network Purposes, UN Global Compact asked us to Contact their local Network in South Africa for them to let us know how we can participate in UN Global Com act in Country level in South Africa. for the past two weeks now no reply from their Local Network in South Africa. Does it mean we cannot proceed our Network campaign? that is big no, We are busy embarking Network Campaign both online and offline hat can help us to meet our needs. Are you interested to partner with us then Contact us in South Africa now! Due to Our Mission trip for CSWOI Trip in South Africa the Compassion Soul Winners Outreach International Projects in Ghana is in active at the moment so do not let anyone deceive you like this online crook Organization : https://www.universalgiving.org/volunteer.do?receiverId=11121&targetPage=healthcarevolunteeroport/id11121

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Compassion Soul Winners Outreach International previous project in Ghana:We are Faith Base Organization that believe in the word of God, we Share the word of God with the Families we serve. We take them through Counseling through Biblical Base for Human salvation. It is also our Contribution to a Moral Fib ire in the Society. We are at the Moment Supporting Compassion Soul Winners Outreach International Cooperate Social responsibility Campaign.

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We are Seeking for a Potential and right Sponsors who wish to Support Social progress through the Organization.

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We are still Supporting the Children and their Families paying their Extra classes Fees. We shall continues to help them tiil they Finish thier SHS.

  • 22 Beaufighter Street, Rhodesfield, Kempton Park, 1619

This Photo was taken at the Time Save Express Company Ltd Office.The Direct, Mr. Gregory and his wife, The Volunteer of the Organization Has Offered us a Based where we are operating from together with Compassion Soul Winners Outreach International. Mr. Gregory has Given Mr. Francis Asomaning an Opportunity to work with his Company as he receive any Contract of Freight Forwarding Business. Do you have any Cargo that want to Import or export from one Country to another, then Contact us now. You Can Contact Francis Asomaning on +27685444085 Or email him on francis@compsoulw.net. You will get a huge discount for Handling Charges.

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We are Calling Global Community members who may care about our Mission and Projects to donate to our Projects now Please Donate to Compassion Soul Winners Outreach International here now: Please you are welcome to Donate to Compassion Soul Winners Outreach International in South Africa Project here: Bank Details: Bank Name: Standard Bank Legal Entity Name: Compassion Soul Winners Outreach International Name of Account Holder: Compassion Soul Winners Outreach International Account Number: Registration of Identity: 116-480 A: 10130524598 Account type: Business Current account. Branch: Kempton Park Branch code: 012442 SWIFT Address: SBZA ZA JJ Country: South Africa

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