20 Aug
In an addition of  our  Support  Currently for  Compassion  Soul Winners Outreach  Intentional  Cooperate Social Responsibilities Campaign, We are  embarking outreach Programs  Since  March 2020  before the luck  down,  During  the  Luck down  in  Kemp ton  Park  Com unity and  Tembisa up till date for  Compassion Soul Winners Outreach International. The  Outreach  is  Focusing  on  the  following  activities:

1, Trauma Counseling through Biblical  Based by Reaching Voluble Families right at their dwelling  places,Inculcating in them the message of  hope.

It is also our Contribution to Social Fib ire in  Society.

2, Providing  food Parcels for Vol unable  Families.

3,  Reaching   Individuals Farmers .

Some  one  asked  if we  are  running a  Church?

Unique  Compassion Soul  Winners Outreach In International  is   Faith Based Organization  who  belies in the  word of God, we  do not run any Church  neither  Plant any  Church.  How ever we  Share the word.

We  also believe in running Business   to  Generate income and  resources to  help  Compassion Soul Winners Outreach International Projects as  Compsoulw, also do not  run any  Church neither  Plant any  Church. We do  not  Col let  any  Offering neither  collect any  tithe from the Children  and  their Families We serve. Compassion Soul Winners Outreach International is  Not for Profit  Voluntary, Community Based Organization here:compassion

supply  Chain Business Network plan. 

w e  have  got  supply  Chain Business Network plan as follows:

1, Logistics to export  or  import  goods  from  around  the  world from   one  country to  another.

2, To provide services for Social drive for other Companies or Organizations in Contract Bases. Check back for more Informations

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